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Visiting ‘The Rock’ – Wonders of Gibraltar



Visiting ‘The Rock’ – Wonders of Gibraltar View large version Gibraltar belongs to Great Britain, and was used for a very long time as a base for the British Armed Forces. Many call it ‘The Rock’, and Gibraltar is a great tourist destination if you are ready to uncover its hidden gems.

A very exciting ride you can embark on while in Gibraltar is on a cable car. This will take you to Upper Rock, and it represents a great opportunity to watch the incredible views that unfold beneath you. When you want to go back, you can take the trip on the Mediterranean Steps, which are much easier to descend than to climb.

The Upper Rock is another great opportunity to enjoy some of the interesting activities in Gibraltar. The Apes’ Den is where many people stop in order to watch the few hundred monkeys, which are Barbary Macaques, a species of wild monkeys and the only of its kind in all of Europe, playing with one another. A superstition is that the British Forces will leave once the last monkey disappears, so these animals were taken care of by the people at the base.

A very interesting attraction here is St Michael’s Cave. The place is really beautiful, with great stalagmite formations. Even if you are not much of an explorer, you will find this cave to be quite fascinating. The lower grotto is used for stage plays and concerts, so you can attend such an event if you happen to be at the cave at the right time. The Upper Rock is also home of the Great Siege Tunnels, also called the Upper Galleries. This is considered to be a very efficient defense system.

After you explore the Upper Rock and all its attractions, let your trip to Gibraltar take you to Europa Point. This is a very special place since here you can view Tarifa, which is considered the southernmost place on the continent. The lighthouse is a great place to be if you want to take a look at the North African coastline.

The bay is very relaxing and you can go there to watch the dolphins. Whales can also be spotted from afar from time to time. Bird watching enthusiasts may want to head for the Jew’s Gate to look at the many different species of migrating birds.

Inside the town, you may want to visit the Gibraltar Museum where many artifacts are displayed. The building that houses the museum is several centuries old and used to be a bathhouse. Another museum is the one housed by the Chapel of our Lady of Europa, where you can admire many religious relics.

Holidays in Gibraltar are a great occasion to discover what this amazing place has to offer, whether you want to learn a little bit of history, see the birds or attend a concert inside a cave. Gibraltar waits for you to explore it!



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