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Valletta and Its Most Interesting Tourist Attractions



Valletta and Its Most Interesting Tourist Attractions View large version Malta is a small island and a small nation, but it has its fair share of tourist attractions. The capital city, Valletta, is where most of these attractions are located. The city itself was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and many travelers that come here say that it is like an open air museum due to its amazing buildings featuring Baroque architecture. Valletta is populated by palaces, churches and interesting museums. The fact that the city looks like this today is due, in the most part, to the work of Francisco Laperelli, an architect from Vatican that came here during the sixteenth century. Valletta is also known for the many cultural events that take place here, so if you like theater and opera, you get a great opportunity to see a play when here.

Valletta also has a beautiful location, on a peninsula, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The city is located on the Grand Harbor, which is considered to be among the best looking places over the Mediterranean waters.

Walking on the streets of Valletta will drive out the beauty of the place. Among the most interesting landmarks of the city you will find the City Gates. If you take a walk on the main street, you will reach them in no time and you will also get to see the Fort at St Elmo. The area is populated by quaint cafes, and interesting boutiques.

A place that is still remember is the one where stood the Royal Opera House, before it was bombed during World War II. Walking a little further will take you to the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire some interesting pieces of prehistoric pottery, furniture dating from the Roman and Punic period, and sculptures from megalithic temples.

The Republic Street is well known for the St John’s Square and Piazza San Gwann where you will find the most important cathedral in the city. The building, St John’s Cathedral, looks quite uninteresting from the outside, but the inside is what truly draws visitors from different countries. The interior is graciously designed and is considered to be one of the most interesting places to see in Valletta.

If you walk along Triq il-Meditteran, you will be able to reach the Barraca Gardens, where you will be able to take in the sea views, as well as the Siege Bell, and a statue representing Sir Alexander Bell. On St Paul Street, you will find the Collegiate Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck, which is one of the secret places to visit in Valletta. It is famous for the baroque interior. Inside the church, you can see the wrist bone belonging to St Paul, as well as the column that served as a place for punishment when the saint was executed.

There are many festivals to attend in Valletta, such as the city’s carnival that takes place in February and March. Other important festivals are the Mediterranean Food Festival and the Rolex Middle Sea Race.



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