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Things to Do in Dili, East Timor



Things to Do in Dili, East Timor View large version The history of East Timor is quite turbulent as it is, but Dili, the capital city of the independent country has more than just a few things to offer to the traveler adventuring to this part of the world. Dili is located on the north coast and it stretches between the mountains, on the prosperous plains. In the past, it used to be a secluded colony, which is why you can still feel the Portuguese influences, especially in the design of the buildings and the local cuisine.

Among the places you can see in Dili, you should see the Statue of Jesus. This statue is situated in the east of Dili, and is believed that the Indonesian Muslims living here erected the monument to give it as a gift to the Christians in East Timor. The statue was built so that it would face Jakarta. You can climb the hill on which the statue stands and enjoy the scenery while you do that.

The route to the Statue of Jesus is on the beach, then climbs towards the statue. Once you get to the top, you will be amazed with the beautiful places that you will be able to see. If you do not want to walk, you can take a cab, especially since the trip costs only $5, but note that you will have to pay the driver extra if you want them to wait for you until you are done with your sightseeing. If you happen to be in the area on a Sunday morning, you will be able to attend an English mass at the local church.

Among the things you can do in Dili is purchase DVDs, CDs and VCDs for only a fraction of the price you would pay some place else.

Dili is located close to the mountains so it is quite easy to go visiting Ramalau, which is the tallest mountain in the entire country. The temperatures can get quite cold at night so make sure to bring proper clothes with you.

Another great activity you can engage in from Dili is visiting Jaco Island. The island is very beautiful and very popular among tourists because of the white sand beach and clear waters. There are no restaurants around the island so you will have to bring water and snacks with you. The locals, however, sell fresh produce, like fish, that you can also have cooked by the vendors. You can also rely on the local fishermen to take you around the island. The service is $5 but your trip will be worth the expense.

You can also access Atauro Island for some amazing views. Taking the ferry from Dili will make your trip really something to look forward to. The beach here is pretty amazing and much appreciated by travelers.



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