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The Wonders of Parque Nacional Tikal



Traveling to Guatemala will offer you a great chance to enjoy the wonders of Parque Nacional Tikal. Located right in the heart of the jungle, this amazing park hides one of best kept secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization, a pyramid complex surrounded by temples and other buildings.

As history teaches us, the Mayans erected a settlement in the area where Parque Nacional Tikal stands proud today, during the 8th century BC. Here, a thriving civilization had developed for many centuries but, towards the end of the first millennium AD, for reasons remaining unknown, the settlement ceased to exist.

If you want to see the remains of the ancient civilization, it is recommended to travel to Guatemala during winter. Because spring months are extremely dry, and summer comes with heavy rains and annoying mosquitoes, this is the right time of the year to spend your vacation time at the foot of the pyramids. Also, it is advisable to bring your camping tent with you, since the price for accommodations in the area is quite high. However, if you do not mind a small trip into the jungle to visit the sites, try checking in some place in Flores where prices are much more reasonable for food and accommodations.

Parque Nacional Tikal offers plenty to the visitor. The Mayan pyramids seem to draw their roots from the thick jungle that surrounds them. The jungle itself offers a lot of interesting things to see, as well. You will be able to watch the monkeys jumping from one tree to another, as well as the beautifully colored parrots. Vines and enormous trees almost swallowed the human settlement that was once here, and only the work of those preserving the sites stops them complete their multi-century job.

While you travel through the jungle, you will be constantly enjoying the mystique atmosphere, and feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. This place is also considered to be a very romantic spot that lovers enjoy to travel to.

You will not be able to see all Tikal in a single day. The portion of the jungle that was transformed into a tourist attraction stretches on no less than 16 square miles, and the settlement is comprised of thousands of buildings. The most important to visit are, no doubt, the 5 Mayan pyramids, which are 40 meters tall. Rivaling the modern day skyscrapers, these enormous buildings will put your muscles to the test when you will try to climb them step by step.

One of the most interesting sites in Parque Nacional Tikal is Great Plaza. From its height, you can take in the entire settlement and feel like a Mayan ruler watching over his or her people. The complex is made of many temples, with interesting interior courtyards and other buildings that must have been little palaces where the most important people in the Mayan tribes carried on with their lives.



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