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The Magical Charm of Anguilla



The Magical Charm of Anguilla View large version Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla is truly a great vacationing spot, where magic seems to float in the air. The island looks like heaven on earth with its incredible white sandy beaches and amazing turquoise like waters. This is a great place to go on a romantic holiday, as you two will surely spend some moments that you will never forget.

Anguilla is quaint and quiet and an ideal spot for recharging your batteries. From the first moment you step off your plane, you will feel like setting foot in another world or another reality. There is no hustle and bustle of a big city here, as, on the island, there is only a small town that provides some basic necessities for tourists and locals.

Here, you will find a general store, a shop for purchasing hardware stuff and a gas station in case you want to travel around the island by car. You will surely be enchanted by the friendliness of the people and you will encounter no trouble when talking to them. They are ready to tell you some interesting stories about the island. The quiet of Anguilla is threatened by nothing, as cruise ships cannot dock here. Not far away you will see the main hotels on the islands, where you can book a room and enjoy the resort-like lifestyle at its best.

Many couples come here on their honeymoon or to spend an incredible romantic vacation. The nights here are warm and the water temperature is always perfect. You can spend romantic nights on the beach, walking hand in hand, while looking at the stars above or listening to the rippling waves. There are very few places on earth where you can feel so at peace as in Anguilla. After a walk on the beach, you can step inside one of the fine restaurants in Anguilla and enjoy a wonderful candle lit dinner.

The waters are rich in marine life, and sometimes you can even spot some of the animals leading their life beneath. Anguilla’s waters are known for housing sharks, sting rays and many other species of fish. It is not very safe to venture far into these waters, so you may want to consider bathing in the hotel’s pool and just use the beach for walks or bathing in the sun.

The cuisine served in Anguilla’s restaurants is traditional Caribbean and really tasty. You can taste their traditional dishes which are considered to be delicious by many tourists.

Keep in mind that Anguilla is a great spot for spending a great honeymoon or a romantic vacation that you and your lover will not soon forget.



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