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The Future of Paracel Islands



The Paracel Islands can become a great tourist destination, if the political situation becomes clearer and the Chinese government continues their plans of constructing a tourist resort complex. The islands themselves are very beautiful and are a great vacationing spot. Here is a little bit of information on Paracel Islands and their complicated history.

The archipelago, including Paracel Islands, is located in the south area of the China Sea. It is now administered by the Chinese government but the territories are claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan. The islands are located close to Spratly Islands, other territories that are uninhabited. Even without any population on them, the islands present enough reasons for the dispute between the three Asian states. They are rich in gas and oil, and explorations for evaluating the richness of these lands are still carried on. Chinese garrisons are now guarding the islands and access is not easily allowed. Yongxing Island is destined to become the first tourist island, since plans are being made for building here an important resort for tourists.

The archipelago enjoys a tropical climate and it is formed of over one hundred small islands made of coral reefs. The most important groups of islets in the archipelago are the Amphitrite Group, located in the northeast, and Crescent Group, located in the west. The fishing in the area is also very prosperous as there are many edible species in the waters surrounding the island.

The history of the islands during the 20th century is also complicated. In 1932, they were annexed by French Indochina, and, during those times, a weather station was installed on Pattle Island. When the ruling of French Indochina ended, the islands were taken over by Vietnam. They remained under Vietnamese ruling until 1974, when Chinese troops took over the islands by defeating the Vietnamese garrison that was stationed there.

China has begun ample operations of modernizing the islands and an airstrip was erected on one of the Paracel Islands. There are also some port facilities constructed by the Chinese on Duncan Island and Woody Island that are currently expanded to accommodate larger ships.

For now, economic life on the island is practically non-existent, as operations for finding oil and gas are still underway. Fishing is the only activity, but it is not organized by the Chinese government and is mainly an activity carried on by poachers adventuring in these waters. Tourist activities are also non existent for the moment since the China government needs to take more action into transforming the Paracel Islands into a tropical paradise for travelers.

If you are the adventurous type and you travel in the area, note that the Chinese garrison will not let you set foot on the islands. There is also not much to see here since the islands are not inhabited and you cannot find a place to sleep.

Paracel Islands also have a different name now, since Chinese took over. They are called Xisha Islands and plans of transforming them in a new destination for tourists are on the way. The scenery here is wonderful and the beaches are great, so the touristic potential is truly something worth exploring.



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