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The Delicious Guatemala Antigua Coffee



Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful and well preserved city with fascinating Spanish Mudéjar architecture. It has some impressive ruins of colonial churches and was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Antigua Guatemala was the third capital of Guatemala. La Antigua Guatemala was first formed in the year 1524 and its capital was named “Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Goathemalan”. In 1527 it shifted to the Valley of Alotenango but the name was retained.

On September 11, 1541 after a massive volcanic eruption in the area the authorities decided to relocate to Panchoy Valley. March 10, 1543 saw the formation of the current day Antigua Guatemala and it was called “Santiago de los Caballeros”.

On September 29, 1717 a massive earthquake destroyed the architectural beauty of the city. Another massive earthquake (Santa Marta) hit the city in 1773 and the Spanish Crown demanded another change of location for the capital to a safer place. The capital was then formed in the Valley of Shrine (i.e., the present capital of Guatemala); Guatemala City as we now know it. Not all abandoned the older city of “Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Goathemalan”, and it is referred to as “Antigua Guatemala” (i.e., the ancient city of Guatemala).

Guatemala has seen some very trying times and repeated destruction. However, the city has managed to overcome its traumatic history and the population continues to grow steadily. Guatemala's historic charm has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Other than the historic magnificence, the high altitudes of Guatemala also contain the secrets of the delicious Guatemala Antigua Coffee. The ideally located land, some 3000 feet above sea level, and soil rich with minerals and nutrients, thanks to the three volcanoes surrounding the area, is perfect for growing exceptional quality coffee beans. The flavor of the Guatemala coffee is unbeatable. It’s mild, smooth and chocolaty flavor make it simply irresistible to most coffee lovers.

The high altitude and the natural cover provided by the large high trees help in providing the coffee plants with a longer gestation period. The slow and prolonged growth period helps in the maturing of the plant and adds to the richness and aroma of the coffee beans ultimately produced. The coffee farmers here are extremely dedicated to their produce and do not like to compromise on the quality of the crops. The price of the coffee can fluctuate depending on the climate and the quality of beans produced.

The matured beans are hand-picked and are roasted at the appropriate temperature to get the correct aroma and flavor. Medium or dark roasts are available. The beauty of Guatemala coffee is that the natives still believe and follow the age-old traditional methods to grow coffee and have managed to retain the charm and uniqueness of their coffee. Their dedication to produce the best possible coffee has made Guatemala Antigua Coffee amongst the best in the world.



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