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The Charming Secrets You Can Discover in Saint Johnís



The Charming Secrets You Can Discover in Saint Johnís View large version The US Virgin Islands are largely appreciated as an ideal vacationing spot, and one of them is Saint Johnís. These charming places are really great for a traveler looking for a special Caribbean experience. There are certain things about Saint Johnís that sets it apart from the others; the National Park and the amazing beaches are some examples.

While this is little compared with the other islands, Saint Johnís is remarkable because of its lush forests. The park is truly a site to visit, but, when you do, make sure to employ the services of a park ranger if you do not want to get lost in the woods. The ranger will also be able to get you acquainted with the plants and animals living here. If you do not want to hike, you can always book a safari tour on a jeep and admire the surroundings that way.

If you are not that fond of the idea of exploring the woods, you can always indulge in the activities that make these Caribbean locations famous: lying on the beach and swimming in the shore waters. Many people come to Saint Johnís especially to enjoy such activities.

Here, you can try snorkeling or diving, if you want to learn more about the underwater world. Lunch cruises may be more to your liking, or some souvenir shopping if you are done with exploring the island. Cruz Bay is a nice town on the island that was also called Love City. If you are here with your beloved, you may just want to discover why the place was named that way.

Saint Johnís is the place where you can easily picture yourself on an ideal vacation. The sky is blue, the water is to die for, the coconut trees are swinging in the wind, and the breeze is just perfect. Just tell your friends you want to head there for the holidays, and for sure, you will attract quite a crowd.

If you are traveling from Saint Thomas, you can reach Saint Johnís by ferry. One of the most famous beaches here is called Honeymoon. The place is ideal as a romantic getaway for more than just one reason. Take a walk on the beach and see for yourself what the magic of the place is all about.

Life on Saint Johnís is quiet and low key. You can simply enjoy the beach or engage in a little bit of wildlife watching. Here you can get acquainted with the wild donkey and the mongoose, which are just a few of the secrets waiting to be uncovered on Saint Johnís.



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