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Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in Caracas



Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela, and it is not thought to be as much as a tourist destination as the other cities in South America. The weather is hot and humid almost all year round which can make it a little hard to bear, especially since the city is as polluted as one would expect from a large metropolis. Still, if you choose to travel to Caracas, you will discover that there are plenty of things to see and do in this South American capital.

While the city is quite developed, you can still see vestiges of the old place even if you have to wade through the traffic of Caracast to do so. The city is rich in museums, parks, and numerous cathedrals. Some recommendations include the Palace of Joaquin Crespo, Plaza Bolivar, and the cultural center. If you are passionate about modern art, pay a visit to Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. On the other hand, to see religious artifacts, you will have to try Museo Sacra. Contemporary art items are also exhibited at Sofia Imber and you can admire works signed by famous painters such as Picasso or Matisse. Simon Bolivar was born here in a place called Santa Capilla, which is actually a church that is now visited as a tourist attraction as well as a religious place of worship. For a relaxing stroll in the park there are plenty of options, such as Parque del Este and Colonia Tovar. If you like to visit attractions in a timely fashion you can hire the services of a guided tour.

If you are looking for some quality time to spend in Caracas, the city has plenty to offer. As the city develops more and more, new and trendy restaurants opened their gates and shopping malls featuring great stores are also prevalent. The national park at El Aviva is a great place to relax and have fun as here you can watch live shows, go ice skating, or simply take a walk. You can also take the aerial tramway to get to Avila Mountain, or if you like to work out a little you can climb it by foot. The views from the peak of the mountain are truly something worth the effort it takes to get there. From atop the mountain you can see the entire city stretching out at your feet. Bring a camera with you as you may want to keep these memories forever. A hotel awaits you here to relax and enjoy the fresh air. If you get tired with the city you can choose to drive outside of it and go to the Los Roque Archipelago made of coral islands where you can truly experience some fresh air. The views are beautiful and untamed and the trip will certainly be worth your while. There are many activities you can engage in there such as scuba diving or fishing.

If you can stand the heat and do not mind humidity that much, Caracas has its good points as a tourist destination.



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