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Tips for a Great Vacation in Caracas



Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and is among the largest cities in the entire South American region. It is a very cosmopolitan city with modern architectural designs. However, the Art Deco architecture that is reminiscent of the colonial Spain era is mixed with the modern buildings as well. Some of the notable features in the city is the mix of people, who include many immigrants, a powerful youth culture, and many restaurants.

The climate in Caracas is pleasant throughout the year. The city is by the ocean at an altitude of about 3,000 feet above sea level.

Besides the numerous things to enjoy in Caracas, it is also often used as a starting point for trips heading to the Amazon jungle. It's also relatively convenient to explore other neighboring historic towns from here. The highest waterfall in the world, the Angel Falls, is also to be found.

A visit to downtown Caracas will take you back in history, as you will see the birth place of General Simon Bolivar, one of the heroes in the country because of the important role he played in securing the country's independence from Spanish colonialists. Close by is a small museum that is dedicated to housing historical artifacts. Among the things contained here is the documentation of the life of "El Libertador." These are two places that the Venezuelans esteem highly and help others learn more bout the country's history.

The Church of San Francisco where the funeral of Bolivar was conducted is also nearby. Apart from the historic touch, the old baroque altarpiece that was ornately gilded is also amazing.

Plaza Bolivar is a large square at the center of the city, which is characteristic of Spanish culture. The square has served different purposes over time, such as being a bullfighting arena, a marketplace, and for public hangings! Many government buildings are within the vicinity of this historic square. The cathedral is also nearby.

The cathedral is another interesting place although its exterior belies the wonders within. Its interior has special has beautiful decorations. There is also a collection of paintings and a private Bolivar chapel in the cathedral. A special mansion, known as the Museo Sacro, has also been restored nearby. The mansion has an interesting network of catacombs and it houses some pieces of religious art.

Parque Central is not really a park as its name implies. It is the city's cultural hub where you will find many modern buildings whose center of attraction is a pair of 56-storey towers made of reflective glass. One of the twin towers has a restaurant that affords some spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountains. There are many things you will find here, among of which are a center for performing arts and a children's museum. The Museum of Contemporary Art is regarded as the best attraction here, however.



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