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Things to Do in Paramaribo, Suriname



Things to Do in Paramaribo, Suriname View large version Paramaribo represents the largest port of Suriname and is also its capital. There are many places to see in Paramaribo, starting with the beautiful colonial buildings, even those that are no longer in their best shape.

It may serve to know a little bit of Dutch, if you are traveling to this destination, as this is the official language in Suriname, but this is not, by far, the most spoken language. Many immigrants came here from different areas and they speak a language called Sranantongo.

The first stop for a tourist should be the Suriname Museum. The museum is located in Fort Zeelandia and the fort is well maintained. Besides the building, that represents an attraction in itself, there are many things to see inside the museum. While exploring the main buildings in Paramaribo, you will notice that there are many religious constructions. The most important are the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cathedral, the largest mosque in all the Caribbean, as well as the Hindu temples and the synagogues existing here.

If you are looking for the best places to relax, you should look no further than Palmentuin park and Cultuurtuin park. While walking on Maagdenstraat you will be able to see many jewelry stores that are operated by Chinese vendors. Handcrafted jewels are their specialty. If you need your jewelry repaired, these people will quickly help you with that as they are quite skilled.

Chinese cuisine is much appreciated here giving you many Chinese restaurants to chose among. The most famous is Sun Do, which can be found on the corner of Weidestraat. The dim sum serve here is quite famous in Paramaribo. Liang Land is another great Chinese restaurant, where tjoeng is the most appreciated dish. Besides Chinese, you can enjoy other types of food. For instance, at Dumpling #1, you can eat king crab and other seafood specialties. Nightclubs are also all the rage in Paramaribo and the ones you may want to visit are Mystique Poolcafť and Margaritas Poolcafť.

There are many other pleasant activities you can indulge in while in the capital of Suriname. For instance, you can take a bath and relax at the pool. The greatest pools in Paramaribo are located in the Kekemba Resort, but be aware that the pool is open for everybody so it can be quite crowded. Other things to do in the city include visiting the waterfront and taking in some splendid views of the sunset. On Sundays, they have a flea market where you can buy some really interesting items. The flower exposition at Letitia Vriesdelaan, organized on Sundays, is quite a treat since you can buy beautiful orchids and other flowers.

If you want an easy way to get around the city, you can rent a car. Such services are provided in Paramaribo, and one thing you need to know is that the steering wheel is on the right.



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