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Tourist Activities to Enjoy in Cusco



The capital of the Inca Empire and today’s capital of a Peru province, Cusco is visited by more than one million tourists each year. Known especially for its historical value, the city of Cusco delivers more than that to the adventurous tourist.

Among the most exciting sports in the world you will find water rafting. If you enjoy fast water rides through the rocks and cliffs in a small rubber boat with nothing between you and the elements, then you can satisfy your desire by taking a rafting ride in Cusco. Just make sure to you have some previous rafting experience as Cusco rafting rides are known to be quite extreme.

Backpack hiking is among the healthiest ways to travel through the mountains. The view of the superb Inca ruins and the fresh mountain air will make your trip one to remember. At the end of your trip the famous Machu Picchu ruins will delight you. Keep your photo camera near you and take home some unforgettable pictures. The hiking is made easy by the expert guides that will help you with cooking as well as with your luggage. Still, you will have to pack the necessities and check your hiking gear before starting to climb.

Cusco has one of the scariest and highest bungee jumping locations in all of America. Featuring a total height of 122 meters and called “The Superman,” this bungee jumping spot will make your adrenaline jump higher and faster than anything else in the world. For thrill seekers this is a ride not to miss, so pack your bags and try “The Superman”.

A great way to explore Cusco valley and to enjoy a beautiful and exciting ride is to rent a motorbike. The freedom and the agility offered by a motorbike are far greater than what a car ride has to offer. You can visit all of Cusco’s Inca ruins such as Urubamba or Pisac and ride fast through the superb mountain roads of Peru. One of the biggest advantages of riding a motorbike is that in Peru anyone is allowed to drive even without a driving license! Be aware that this ride is not for beginners as the Peruvian traffic and road quality can be quite hazardous for somebody without good driving experience under the belt.

A more relaxed way to have fun in Cusco is to visit one of the many night clubs and bars opened through the night. The people of Peru know how to party and they party all night long. The number of night clubs is constantly growing so the competition is quite fierce. Free drinks, free events, and even free food are common ways the clubs attract visitors, so be sure not to miss out on such opportunities. You can easily receive more than ten free drinks each night!



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