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The Colonial Charm of Asuncion



The capital city of Paraguay, Asuncion, is also the largest city in the country. Its location on the banks of Paraguay River adds to the beauty of the place.

Once you set foot in Asuncion, you will be engulfed in the local atmosphere, which is a perfect blend of old and new. The differences between the poor and the rich are quite visible, but the charm of the city is drawn from the colonial buildings that are lined up on both sides of the street.

There are many old constructions in Asuncion, but some of them are not in great shape, while others have been completely renovated. The design of these buildings is sometimes simple but, due to the colonial influences, their charm is unmistakable. While walking on the streets of Asuncion, you will be able to see a presidential palace that is still standing.

When you travel to the capital of Paraguay, don’t forget to visit Mercado Quatro, where you can buy almost anything you want, from clothes to software. The harbor is another place worth visiting, since the old cranes are still operating, to the enchantment of tourists.

Cultural life is vivid in Asuncion, and you will be able to enjoy a lot of delights. A good idea is to ask around, as the people are friendly and able to give you all the necessary info. A favorite pastime in Asuncion is going to karaoke bars, but if singing out of tune is not your thing, there are plenty of other clubs where you can have a wonderful time.

Colonial buildings can be spotted all through the city, and, when you want to rest, there are plenty of parks where you can do this. The museum Casa Viola is an interesting place to see in Asuncion, as well as the Botanical Garden. If you want to take in spectacular views of the city, you need to go to Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez which is situated higher than the rest of the city. The local zoo should also be included in your itinerary. There is a golf course where you can enjoy a good game, as well as many other places where you can indulge in pleasant activities. When you want to embark on an out of the city adventure, you can book a tour to Iguazu Falls, located at the borders between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

One of the must-see places in Asuncion is the Panteon National de Heroes. On the spot on which the monument stands, the independence of the country was announced.

Also on your list you should include the Eco-Reserva Mbatovi, where you can admire natural caves, wonderful waterfalls and amazing local flora, along with some very interesting animals, including reptiles and amphibians.

The local government is housed by Palacio de Lopez, and this is also a must see building in Asuncion since it is a great example of New World Architecture.



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