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Colonia del Sacramento: A Great Historic City

Colonia del Sacramento is found within the Colonia Province in Uruguay. The city was the sole settlement that the Portuguese established along Rio de la Plata and has an interesting history that adds to its tourist appeal. ...

Tourist Attractions in Ba˝os

Although people were evacuated from Ba˝os between 1999 and 2000 due to volcanic activity, this Ecuadorian town still draws many visitors both from within, and outside the country. The scenic environment, popular hot springs, ...

Puerto Iguaz˙: Popular Attractions

Puerto Iguaz˙ is closely associated with the Iguaz˙ Falls (Las Cataratas del Iguaz˙) and is a massive display of the power of water. UNESCO declared this canyon of waterfalls as one of the World Heritage sites in 1984. Howeve...

Cuzco - an Ancient City with a Modern Appeal

Many wealthy individuals enjoy spending their time in Cuzco. In fact, many select Cuzco as a spot for retirement. This refreshing town keeps visitors in tune with the past in a relaxing manner. Situated in the southeaste...

Fortaleza Tour Guide

Fortaleza city is found on the northeastern part of Brazil. Known for its great sand beaches that are ideal any time of the year, it is also among the largest cities in the country. A vacation to the city is bound to be fulf...

Foz do Iguašu Hotels

Foz do Iguašu is the fourth largest city in the Brazilian state of Paranß. It is the westernmost city in the state and offers many tourist attractions in and around the city. Some of the area's most popular hotels are rev...

Hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

If you are planning to visit to San Pedro de Atacama, there are many hotels that you can choose from. This is a town in Chile in the El Loa Province that attracts many visitors because of the nearby historical sites. The foll...

A City of All Seasons

The Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche is located between Patagonia plains and the high Andes. The beautiful forests and lakes have earned this place the term "South-American Switzerland." If you are used to the pollut...

Enjoy the Breathtaking Beauty of Parque Nacional del Iguaz¨

There are a variety of activities to do in different parts of Parque Nacional do Iguašu that make for a great vacation. Established on January 10, 1939, the park covers an area of 185,262 hectares. The park was included am...

What Makes El Calafate Special?

El Calafate is located on Lago Argentino's shores in Santa Cruz. This national capital of glaciers has a great environment for tourism, having a blend of natural features and necessary facilities to ensure the comfort of the ...