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The Iwokrama Mountains, An Adventure



An incredible forest stretches almost one million acres in Guyana, and its name is Iwokrama Forest. This is one of the last untouched tropical forests on the entire planet, and one place where you can experience nature as it has been for thousands of years.

This forest starts from the Pakaraima Mountain and stretches up to the eastern part of Venezuela. Many savannahs are bordering it on the south and north.

The tropical forest grows so high here that, from above, it looks like a perfect canopy of lush tropical forest.

The tropical forest is affected by the changes in climate. With the disappearance of the tropical forest, many species of animals and plants also become extinct. This is why the Iwokrama Mountains and the Iwokrama Forest represent an invaluable asset belonging to people everywhere. This forest is actually used in the fight against extinction of the rainforest, as it has become a veritable laboratory for modern forest management.

There are many things to do here as a tourist, as Iwokrama Mountains have something to offer to people of all ages. Tours are organized daily and you can decide what tour to take.

A very interesting activity in Iwokrama Mountains is taking a trip on the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. Erected 30 meters above the ground, the walkway allows you to actually walk above the lush forest and enjoy some really amazing views.

Besides seeing the tall tropical trees, you can admire some amazing birds, such as the Scarlet Macaw or the Channel-bill Toucan. Animals like the Red Howler monkey can also be spotted. There is also a camp where you can stay overnight and listen to stories of survival in the jungle from your guides.

One of the best ways to spend an incredible time in Iwokrama, is to climb to the top of Turtle Mountain. From up there, you can take in the incredible views of the jungle that surrounds it. You will need to do a little bit of hiking, but your efforts will be rewarded by the places you will visit and the things you will see. As far as accommodations are concerned, there is a modern camp on the top of the mountain with all the basic necessities.

The Iwokrama Mountains are home to hundreds of species of birds. Bird watching is a favorite pastime of people coming here on their vacation. The best place to spot them would be the Field Station, where there are feeding stations installed to attract the birds.

If you want to explore the nature of Iwokrama Mountains, you may want to embark on a trip on Essequibo River. In the middle of the night the nocturnal wildlife can be spotted under the pale moonlight. Large alligators can be seen lying on the banks, but they are not the only stars of the show; boas, nightjars and pacas also live here.



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