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The Intriguing Charm of Devilís Island



The Intriguing Charm of Devilís Island View large version The name may not do it justice, but Devilís Island, or Ile du Diable, is a place to behold. This interesting island is part of a group of three islands, located not far from the Kourou coast. Besides this island, you will also find the islands of Ile Saint Joseph and Ile Royale that you can visit.

Part of the strange reputation associated with Devilís Island is related to the fact that, until 1953, political prisoners used to be kept here. If you read the story ĎPapilloní, you'll know that the main character, a prisoner named Henri Charriere, was kept as a prisoner on this island. He hatched an escape plan and broke free from the prison island, later writing his adventures into a book. Alfred Dreyfus was also kept here.

If you leave from Kourou, it will take you about a day to reach the islands. To fully enjoy your trip, try to catch one of the boats leaving from the harbor first thing in the morning. The boats return in the afternoon and there are plenty. However, during summer, it can get quite crowded, so you will have to book a seat in advance. Camping on the islands is possible, and there are also a few accommodations where you can stay.

The Devilís Island looks nothing like the name suggests. It is nothing less than a piece of heaven on earth, with incredible landscape that can be admired from near and afar.

The terrain on Devilís Island is mostly rocky, but it also houses a palm tree forest that makes it look like a resort island.

The historical background, however, is what makes this island most appealing to visitors. The exile island used by French rulers for political prisoners became a different type of destination. The ones calling it Devilís Island were the people of France, acquainted with the purpose of the island. Nowadays, Devilís Island is still a part of France, as it is attached to French Guyana. The prisoners kept here were not only political convicts, but also ordinary thieves and simple people.

Nowadays, the population of the island is small and prisoners are no longer held here as the island is no longer a prison. You can still see the houses where the convicts were held, as they have been well maintained. The island has roads and basic utilities, so you can camp here if you want to be close to a beautiful place where you can explore nature to your heartís content.

Wildlife is also interesting here, and another tourist attraction that you might enjoy. If you want to get in touch with the spirit of the place, you should witness the rituals practiced by the people still living here.

The Devilís Island has a great location in the Caribbean Sea, and is a great destination to visit.



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