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Activities to Enjoy in Stanley, the Capital City of Falkland



Activities to Enjoy in Stanley, the Capital City of Falkland View large version Stanley is not a very old city, as it was established in 1843. Only 1500 people live here, making Stanley one of the smallest capitals in the world. As capital of Falkland Islands, Stanley can be considered among tourist destinations.

Before the Panama Canal was erected, Stanley, or Port Stanley, as it was also called, was used by major boats traveling through here. The Straits of Magellan were famous for the storms that almost always seem to brew here, which made sailing quite difficult. Ship repairs contributed to the prosperity of Stanley. After the repair industry took a dive, the port oriented towards Antarctic sealing. Making of whaling boats boosted the city’s economy. Tourism, however, is what makes this place thrive at the current moment, and the people living here are either employed by the tourism industry or by the government. It is normal for tourists to outnumber the actual population of Stanley.

You can reach the capital of Falkland Islands by plane or boat. Cruise ships often stop here, and their passengers disembark to do a little shopping and sightseeing. As there are many wildlife sites around, many tourists choose touring them as their favorite pastime in Stanley.

The airport is situated about 50 kilometers from Stanley, which means that you need to take a cab or bus in order to reach the center of the city. International flights also come through here, although the airport is mostly used for domestic flights.

As the town of Stanley is not very big, the proper way to explore it is on foot. Most of the sites can be seen by walking around so you do not need to have a car here. However, if you want, you can hire a taxi since such services are readily available for tourists.

Among the places to see in Stanley, you will find the Falkland Islands Museum. Here, you will learn about the 1982 conflict and see some exhibits showcasing the native flora and fauna.

The most important religious building in Stanley is the Christ Church Cathedral. One particular aspect about this building that may interest you is that the front is made of two jawbones belonging to a pair of blue whales.

If you want to watch the penguins, you may want to travel to Gypsy Cove, located not far away from the town.

As far as shopping is concerned, there is some you can do in Stanley. Most stores are located in the center of the town, and the most appreciated are the FIC West Store and Capstan Gift Shop where you can buy gifts and souvenirs.



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