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Traveling to Medellin, Colombia



In the past, Medellin had a gruesome reputation, being called the Murder Capital of the Planet, making it unappealing to tourists. Pablo Escobar was associated with the city, and the Medellin Drug Cartel was the organization actually in charge of the city. Once the ill reputed drug dealer was finally taken down by the police, the city has seen their crime rate decrease greatly. Nowadays, it can be said that Medellin is even a safer location than many places in the United States. As a result, more and more tourists come here yearly, some of them even attracted by the former bad reputation of the city.

Medellin features new and modern infrastructure and the fact that the weather never seems to change all through the year, makes it a very pleasant place to be. There are many schools and universities here, and walking around the city you'll see many fine restaurants and upscale shopping malls. People here are quite friendly and they are often ready to help you with information. Security is present everywhere, so you will feel safe when walking around the city.

Nightlife in Medellin is known to be quite vivid and it is among the reasons why tourists come here. Partying all night long, however, is just one of the things that makes Medellin an attractive tourist destination. Medical tourism is quite common, and the fashion events that are held here each year are another reason for traveling here on vacation. Maybe the best asset of the city is represented by the beautiful women living here, and there are many dating and matrimonial agencies that can hook up tourists with local women.

Accommodations here are among the best, and dining in a fine restaurant is as easy as in any other important tourist destination. If you are in the mood for some shopping, take a walk at El Centro, where you will find a bunch of small stores where you can hunt for some incredible bargains.

Don’t forget about the opportunities presented by the medical tourism. It seems that the number of people coming here for surgery is increasing each year, as the medical services offered here are cheaper than in many developed states, while still being of high standards.

Experiencing the local way of living may just be the greatest reason for visiting Medellin. This Colombian city looks nothing like its grim past, and now it has almost everything you would expect from a great tourist destination: great weather, great shopping, a safe environment and let’s not forget about the beautiful girls!



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