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Hotels in San Pedro de Atacama



If you are planning to visit to San Pedro de Atacama, there are many hotels that you can choose from. This is a town in Chile in the El Loa Province that attracts many visitors because of the nearby historical sites. The following are some of the hotels you may consider.


This hotel has a touch of history because it still retains its original layout. The expansive property covers more than 17 hectares.

Some of the relaxing facilities here include: four swimming pools, massage services, and saunas. There are 50 beautifully decorated rustic suites in the hotel, all with Jacuzzis.

The hotel has programs that cater to the tourist needs of its customers, making it easier for you to visit the places you would like to explore. Some of the programs include climbing to volcanoes, horseback riding, hiking, and biking. Explorer has more than 30 different tours to choose from. There are bilingual guides who are very familiar with the sites to help you get the most out of your visit.

You can get in touch with the hotel via email at or place a call at (56-2) 2066060. You may also visit the website at


You will get the opportunity to have a closer look at the unique architectural style that has been used in building the Altiplanico hotel. The walls of the hotel have been made entirely of sun-dried clay brick that blend in with the environment. Although the decorations are rustic, you will notice how fine they are. The ceilings are made of straw and the beams are made of chañar yet the furniture is modern and comfortable.

Whichever room you take, you will get the opportunity to see the Andes. Every room is planned in such a way that you will have as much privacy as you want. You will have a private bathroom and hot water among other features. The cozy cafeteria provides plenty of entertainment and free Internet.

The hotel is only three blocks away from the downtown area. You may get in touch either at or (56-55) 851212. The website is

La Aldea

The La Aldea is also made of sun-dried clay brick in line with ecotourism concept. There are private bathroom suits, some of which have Jacuzzis. There are also cabins ideal for whole families. If you would like a quiet place in which to relax, the hotel is suitable for you. There are plenty of trees in the surrounding that will enhance your comfort.

Make a call at (56-55) 851149, send an email via, or visit the website at


The hotels provides a beautiful blend of rustic appeal with modern comfort. Among the services offered are lectures by experts who are well-experienced in the region. You will select among the various expeditions offered. You can send an email at or place a call at (56-55) 851027 for more information.

Other hotels include:

> Hostería de San Pedro

> Geiser del Tatio

> Hotel Kimal

> La Casa de Don Tomás

> Lodge Altitud

> Tambillo

> Parina Atacama



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