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Experience the Colonial Beauty of Parati



The town called Parati is located two hours from Rio de Janeiro, and because of its well preserved architecture dating back to colonial times it was transformed into a national monument.

It is amazing in these modern times to be able to walk through the center of a town on foot without encountering even one vehicle. Visitors come here to enjoy the tranquil feeling of the place as well as a piece of history. Everywhere you look in Parati, your eyes will fall on a historical building. A particularity of the place is the masonry symbol on the walls that memorialize the old times that passed over Brazil.

The historic town is placed in an area that is nothing short of a natural wonder. While you travel through the mountain to reach Parati, you will be amazed with the scenery and the landscape. The colors are vivid and make it hard to imagine that you are still on earth. The emerald hues of the water, the strong colors of the exotic colors, and the tropical trees complete the image and you will be tempted just to pull over and enjoy more the views. The town is also rich in color and visitors always talk about how beautiful Parati is.

The town has a history that is more than three hundred years old. It was founded as a seaport for transporting minerals, but now its appeal is transferred into cultural tourism.

As is popular in Brazil, Parati has its own carnival. The celebrations are held for four days in a row and are filled with music and beautiful parades. Cultural tourism is also one of the many popular methods of exploring the city of Parati. However, Parati is not only about the carnival and the colonial building. For instance, you can purchase some really great pieces of art from street vendors, or you can try a scuba diving session in order to get acquainted with the underwater world of Parati. Other activities such as camping, or fishing, or embarking on a boat tour are all open for visitors.

If you are looking for a place to stay, try a pousada, a rustic type of hotel widespread in Brazil. Despite the fact that they are traditional, they have plenty of modern amenities to go around, and their restaurants are famous for their natural juices and great breakfasts.

You can spend your day strolling the streets, browsing through the items on sale inside the art galleries and eating in comfortable restaurants. The evenings are especially beautiful, because the city looks truly amazing. The inhabitants go out of the house to enjoy the evening breeze and they have fun while dining in open air eateries. Here you can try some Brazilian cuisine and listen to live bands.

Parati offers a low key atmosphere and a veritable trip in time. If you find the time try paying it a visit, it will be worth your while.



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