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Travel Guide to Manaus, Brazil



Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state Amazonas, located where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon. Considered to be the largest city in the northern part of Brazil housing more than 2 million inhabitants, the city of Manaus is one of the most tourist friendly cities in Latin America.

Due to its location, Manaus quickly became an important transportation hub. Ocean ships sail upstream in the Amazon dock and stop to leave valuable commodities and take away Amazonian riches such as wood, leather, and rubber. The constant trade helped the city became a major economical centre and one of the most developed cities in Brazil. Today, major international enterprises have opened factories and storage facilities fueling the growth of the city.

The city is filled with great sites to visit and explore. Buildings constructed during the rubber trade era are mixed with a great blend of modern attractions and accommodation. Here are just a few interesting destinations for any tourist thinking about a visit to Manaus.

Teatro Amazonas, the Opera House, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The building was constructed during the economic boom of the rubber plantations. It was created with the help of materials brought in from abroad in order to create an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Amazonian jungle.

Created after the famous market of Paris Les Halles and the Manaus main market, the Mercado Municipal is located directly in the middle of the city. Here tourists are enchanted by a variety of fresh products like beef meat, fish, and vegetables.

The Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Amazônia is a great place to visit and learn about the variety of creatures that live in the Amazonian rainforest. From huge deadly insects to piranhas the museum houses all species. More impressive is the fact that the entire museum was created by a passionate Japanese entomologist that used his own money, time, and expertise to make it happen.

Palacio Rio Negro is one of the presidential palaces and official residences of the President of Brazil. Open for tourist visits, this impressive palace was used by sixteen presidents as a holiday retreat.

If you are fed up with visiting impressive buildings and you want a nice relaxing day you may consider visiting the popular Ponta Negra Beach or the more reclusive Praia da Lua Beach which is accessible only by boat.

For a great outdoor adventure and a chance to explore, take a day to visit the impressive Paricatuba Waterfall. This superb waterfall is surrounded by rainforest and jungle. Make sure to bring a camera with you will see some breathtaking scenery.

Another waterfall, the Love Cascade, delights the eye with its blue crystal waters. This waterfall can also only be accessed by boat during the summer months.



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