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Attractions in Curitiba, Brazil



Curitiba is an eclectic city situated in the Southern part of Brazil and capital of Parana province. Located on the route that passes Iguazu Falls when traveling from Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba is highly recommended for a few days break. Prosperous and well developed, the city has a mixed population since many foreign immigrants such as Italian, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian call this city their home.

The old part of the city is well preserved and every Sunday a fair is held in this district. Be aware of the fact that you will not find anything open on Mondays and not even the buses run on Monday.

One of the most important attractions in Curitiba is the Botanical Gardens. They were built to look exactly like a French garden, so don’t be surprised to see a flower carpet welcome you from the entrance. Take a look at the greenhouse, where many species that are only found here are exhibited. The beautiful water fountain attracts many travelers and the forests are used for hiking by those that like to indulge in this type of activity. Do not forget to visit the Botanic Museum either. Here, researchers from around the world come to see the exhibits. The place is topped off with a theater and a library.

A very interesting attraction in Curitiba is German Wood, an area covered with forest that was once part of a farm owned by a German family. The place is actually a tributary to German traditions and this is what you can experience if you choose to visit the forest. Here you will find a concert hall, named Bach's Oratorium, where concerts are often held as well as an old church designed in the neo-gothic style. There are plenty of sites to experience here, such as the John and Mary path, that children will love as well as a library designed only for them.

The Chico Mendes Memorial is the place to visit if you are interested in the life and works of the man that brought rubber extraction to the city and turned it into an industry that thrived later. The memorial is located in Gutierrez Wood where you will also find a natural spring and the famous Dada Dolls Theater.

The Portugal Wood allows you to see the strong bonds between Portuguese and Brazilian citizens. The small brook attracts many visitors since there are famous writings on the tiles celebrating the most important poets of the Portuguese language.

Curitiba is a place rich in cultural spots. Here you will find plenty of municipal libraries that are inspired by the library from legendary Alexandria. The ground floor is used for storing books, while the upper part, accessed by a spiral staircase, hosts a tower from which you can take in views of the city.



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