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Puerto Iguazú: Popular Attractions



Puerto Iguazú is closely associated with the Iguazú Falls (Las Cataratas del Iguazú) and is a massive display of the power of water. UNESCO declared this canyon of waterfalls as one of the World Heritage sites in 1984. However, this is just part of what visitors to the park have the opportunity to see. There are also different types of flora and fauna that visitors can learn more about at the visitor center which also provides maps of the entire area.

There are two main paths that you can use to have a good view of the waterfalls, the Upper and Lower circuits (Circuito Superior and Circuito Inferior).

Some highlights of Puerto Iguazú:

La Aripuca

This is an amazingly big house when you consider that it is made of fallen tree trunks! The house is designed to mimic a primitive bird trap. La Aripuca is just outside the town as you approach the park. You can easily access it by taking a stroll in the morning. La Aripuca is always open between eight in the morning and seven in the evening. There are handicraft stores where you can find all kinds of products.

Orchid Gardens

There are two special orchid gardens that you can also explore during your visit to Puerto Iguazú. Indio Solitario is open to visitors between Tuesday and Saturday from nine in the morning to midday and three in the afternoon to eight at night. On Sundays, the garden is open from nine in the morning to midday only. Jardín de Ozain is open every day from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

Plastic Bottle House

The name itself suffices to tell you that there is something unique about this house, and for good reason. If you take a cursory glance, you may wonder what the designers and builders were thinking to come up with such an ugly-looking bungalow. However, when you consider that the house is made of recycled material, you will take a closer interest. The building is down the road from the city.

Guïrá Ogá Bird's House

Although you will find birds here as the name indicates, they are not the only things housed here. Guïrá Ogá Bird's House is an animal refuge where you can even find monkeys. Owls and parrots are also among the birds found here.

Fortín M'Bororé

If you would like to know more about the ancient Indian culture, then head to Fortín M'Bororé. You will learn different things at this special Indian community, such as natural medicine, ancient methods of hunting, and their handicrafts.

There are several wellness centers that will help you to relax after your trips.

As you walk around the city, you will see Feathered Guarani traders selling all sorts of items. The principal streets are also lined with many shops dealing in different kinds of products.



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