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Spend Your Winter Holiday in Mendoza



Mendoza is a great place to go during the winter. The capital of the Mendoza province located in Argentina, the city is located in a picturesque area and is a great home base for people interested in mountain sports such as climbing, hiking, and in the winter, skiing. The city itself is a great travel destination and preserves the Colonial architectural style. Also, you will appreciate the wild aspect of Mendoza, as nature is not sent away from the streets of the city. In Mendoza, because of the presence of so many trees, it is easy to imagine that you are someplace else and not in the heart of a city.

When you are looking for accommodation, you can try one of the many hotels in Mendoza. For instance, the Executive Hotel is strongly recommended because of its fine reputation among travelers. The way the city looks during winter is a sight to withhold. The trees turn brown with golden accents, while the Andean peaks you can spot at the horizon are covered in snow.

You do not have to be a professional skier to try some of the famous Mendoza tracks. Family fun is taken seriously and plenty of opportunities are offered to people wanting to experience winter sports on the snowy peaks. Even thrill seekers will find something to do. Extreme sports are the rage here and plenty of other tourist attractions are readily available.

For instance, if you are not a hardcore fan of winter sports you will have to try the “Wine Route.” You will learn the process of wine making and get to partake in some wine tasting in the process. This is also a great opportunity to visit various places in Mendoza or in close vicinity.

You can travel out of city for some great skiing adventure. Do not forget to visit the Aconcagua Snow Park. Situated at an impressive altitude of over 2,500 meters you will experience a lot of fun. There are three tracks for beginners, and a toboggan run that kids love. You can enjoy all that the park has to offer anytime during the skiing season which stretches from July to September. The snow park is great and people not so fond of skiing will find plenty of winter entertainment here.

Another place for skiing enthusiasts is Los Penitentes. You will have to drive about two hours and a half from Mendoza to Los Penitentes, but the trip will be worth your while. The ski season starts in June and closes in September, but the richness of tracks is something people love about the place. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or even an expert you will find a track made for people like you. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, take a chairlift ride and admire the surrounding.

Take a trip to Mendoza in the winter. It will be an experience you will never forget.



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