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Mendoza - A City of Great Wine



Mendoza is the fourth largest city in Argentina, and the capital city of the Province of Mendoza. It is on the Eastern part of the Andes, where it was founded in 1561. The city derives its name from the Governor of Chile during that time, when the area was still under Spanish colony, Governor García Hurtago de Mendoza.

Three tribes occupied the region before this period, namely the Incas, Puelches and Huarpes. The Huarpes designed a method of irrigation that the Spanish developed later, which resulted in a significant population increase. There are still wide trenches running along the streets that point back to this system.

In 1861, a massive earthquake rocked the city, resulting in the destruction of many of its buildings. The design of Mendoza was changed significantly when it was reconstructed. Plaza Independencia, a very impressive plaza, became the center of the city. There is a very large fountain at the center used for irrigation purposes, making the city strikingly green in a surrounding that is relatively dry. There are viaducts that go from the fountain to the square before flowing to other squares and up to the rivers flowing from the mountains.

Every plaza has a distinct theme and unique artwork. You will therefore find something different by visiting each of them.

There is a large park just outside the city center, known as Parque General San Martin. The park, which is near the university, is made up of football stadiums and a zoo. Mendoza is also where you can begin your trek to the Andes mountains, as it is the place where you will get the required permit to go there. It is just below Aconcagua, which is the highest peak of the Andes in the western hemisphere.

Mendoza city is known for different things, with one of the most popular ones being wine. The two main industries found here are for the production of olive oil and the making of wine. The Greater Mendoza region is the main area for the production of wine throughout Latin America. The city is therefore among the nine cities forming the Great Capitals of Wine.

The wine culture has deep roots in the city and its locals have been involved in the making of wine for generations. Wine is such a part and parcel of the city that you can even sense its aroma in the air.

Some of the best places to visit in Mendoza are the traditional wineries within vineyards. You will have a personal conversation with the owners, and it is unlikely that you will leave without purchasing some special wine. If you are staying at the Executive Hotel, you will have the opportunity to visit the special Wine Tasting Room. If you love your wine, then this is the ideal hotel for you.

Although Mendoza is a cosmopolitan city, it is relatively quiet, hence it offers a great atmosphere for relaxation. Add this to the many tourist attractions and you have a great destination for your vacation.



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