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Scottish Heritage of Dunedin, in the Heart of New Zealand



Dunedin is an important city located in the Otago area, in New Zealand, and its name speaks directly of its heritage, as this is the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh.

With such a name, there is no wonder that Dunedin is really proud of its heritage. Considered to be the Edinburgh of the Southern Hemisphere, it features a statue representing poet Robbie Burns, and streets that stretch around the town have the same name as streets you can find in Edinburgh. The place is incredibly picturesque, as it was erected on a natural harbor. The city is surrounded by steep hills, but the land itself is quite flat. Because of this particularity, you will encounter very steep streets, among which the Baldwin Street which is actually the steepest in the world. Because of this reason, the locals celebrate yearly by rolling chocolate jaffas on the street.

Dunedin is also known for being a university city as its university, called the University of Otago, dating from the second half of the 19th century, is the oldest in the country and among the most important employers in the region. The city is usually crowded by students and, during the holidays, it becomes quite quiet, which makes it a perfect vacationing spot for people looking for a quiet time. You will also enjoy the friendliness of the people here, along with the tranquil feeling of the place.

When you want to go sightseeing in Dunedin, start with Cadbury Chocolate Factory. This is where most of the country’s production of chocolate is made. Daily tours are organized and you may not want to miss visiting a chocolate factory.

Besides chocolate, the people here also love to make beer. In order to explore their ways of making the well appreciated beverage, you need to pay a visit to the Speights Brewery. Be aware that children under 15 years of age need to be supervised by an adult. This brewery dates from the 19th century, and guided tours bring tourists here to see this important landmark of Dunedin. Also, for the tasting, you need to be at least 18 years of age.

For a little bit of entertainment, try the Fortune Theater where live performances are usually held. The theater is housed by a stone church, so admiring the construction adds to the touristic value of this place.

The center of the city is a very interesting place to be. It is shaped like an Octagon and is the most active part of Dunedin. There are also many businesses here where you can make some local purchases.

In the center of the Octagon, as the main square is called, you can see the statue of poet Robert Burns. Four statues, exactly the same, were made by the same sculptor and, besides the one in Dunedin, another can be found in New York in the famous Central Park.



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