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Places to See in Fremantle, Australia



The well known port at the Indian Ocean, Fremantle, is an important city located on the western shore of Australia.

Many consider Fremantle to be only a suburb of Perth, but this is a wrong statement because there are so many differences between Fremantle and Perth that you cannot ignore.

There are many ways to get into Fremantle. One of them is by cruise liner or cargo ship. Passengers are usually quite happy to get off the ship and arrive on the sandy coastline, fringed by trees. You can also arrive to Fremantle by car, on one of the most important highways connecting Fremantle from Perth. It is only a half an hour drive to get from Perth to Fremantle, so this way is quite convenient.

Buses also travel between Perth and Fremantle. If you get on the bus, it will take you to the Fremantle Railway Station, from where you can get off and have some fun inside the city.

Commuter trains also connect Perth with Fremantle, and it is only half an hour to travel from one city to the other. The ride on the train is quite a thrill, since it offers some breathtaking views of the beach and of the ocean.

Fremantle offers great things to see and do for the traveler coming here from out the city. You can take a stroll on the beach, go whale watching or simply admire the sunsets that are quite beautiful here. The port is another spot you need to visit when in Fremantle as it offers quite a scenic view. The Maritime Museum is a must see on your list, as is the Round House. Besides these landmarks of the city, you may want to check on the following.

The Fremantle Prison used to be a maximum security facility in Australia but it was closed almost twenty years ago. Now it is a heritage site and serves as a museum, as well as a gallery for art exhibitions and a conference center is also housed. If you want to have a thrilling experience, you can take the Ghost tour, during the night, when tales of prison haunting are being told. The tunnel network that you will find under the prison is also equally exciting.

The Maritime Museum is situated on Victoria Quay and includes a wide array of vessels, among which the Australia II is the most amazing. If you want to get familiar with the history of the place, you can take a walk around the museum and admire the exhibits.

The Round House used to be a prison as well, but now it is a museum with exhibits telling about the way the convicts used to live at the beginning at the 19th century.

The Whalers Tunnel is situated right under the old prison and it was recently restored in order to serve as a spot for tourist visits.



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