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Take a Tour of the Yellowstone National Park



Take a Tour of the Yellowstone National Park View large version Yellowstone National Park, dedicated way back in 1872, is the world's oldest national park. Most of the park covers more than two million acres of land and is largely located in Wyoming State, although parts of it extend to Idaho and Montana. Some of the interesting features at this national park are geological sights, which include the Old Faithful Geyser that is widely known throughout the world. Besides the animals and plants you get to see in the normal course of your visit, you will also see many canyons, rivers, falls and alpine lakes. These makes the national park a very interesting place to visit.

As is mentioned above, one of the greatest attractions at the national park is the Old Faithful geyser, which is among the numerous hot springs here. The Old Faithful region has the world's largest geyser concentration. Get a schedule that will inform you about geyser eruptions from the Visitor Center. This will help you to time your visit well enough to catch a special view of the eruptions. The hot springs that are best known for their great displays are Castle, Giant and Beehive. The Morning Glory Pool is another popular site that is shaped like the morning glory flower!

Another special feature of the area is the Old Faithful Inn. The inn is not only famous for its special cuisine but it is also famous for its construction. It was built in 1904 using native logs, which is surprising when you consider its size. The inn covers seven hundred feet in length and goes up to seven stories! It has managed to withstand several natural disasters over the years, such as the 1988 forest fires that destroyed 1.4 acres - more than half of the national park!

The Old Faithful Inn is furnished with antique furniture that will give you a taste of the bygone years. It is designed in a complete forest setting and includes a tree house at the top of its grand room.

The Yellowstone National Park houses and shelters many wild animals, some of which you will have the chance to see. Among the wildlife are bears, wolves, buffaloes, elk and moose. You may have the luck to also get a sight of grizzly bear, black bear, bighorn sheep, coyotes, otters, trumpeters, geese, swans, eagles and ducks. Generally, it is easier to spot these animals during the morning and evening hours, when they are on the lookout for food. The best areas for viewing wildlife are Mount Washburn, Fishing Bridge, the Lamar Valley and the Hayden Valley.

Get the opportunity to share some breathtaking beauty of the Gibbon Falls and the Tower Falls, which are among the many waterfalls found in this national park. There are also several canyons that you can visit - the Grand Canyon, the Inspiration Point and the Artist Point. Simply marvelous and breathtaking!

The national park gives you the opportunity to take part in several recreational activities. Some of the things that you may do are hiking, cycling, fishing and riding either a boat or a horse. Apart from enjoying these activities, you can also explore other parts of the Yellowstone National Park.



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