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Things to Do in San Francisco



San Francisco had its humble beginnings as a fort and mission established by the Spanish in 1776. The mission was named after Saint Francis of Assissi, which is where San Francisco gets its name. Much of San Francisco was destroyed in 1906 by an earthquake and subsequent fires. With proud determination, San Franciscans rebuilt it and hosted the Panama-Pacific International Exposition just a few years later. Comprised mostly of Victorian and modern architectural design and containing several landmark sights, San Francisco is pleasing to the eye and exciting for the mind. Here are just a few of the many choices you have when it comes to touring San Francisco.

Jump on the Cable Car and Take a Ride

Think of San Francisco and it is likely that cable cars come to mind. The city’s transportation system runs on cables, stretching and winding through the streets from one hilly end to the other. Begin at Ghiradelli Square and ride the distance, or hop on from any location along the way.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

You can drive across the bridge or use the pedestrian walk to cross this two mile long suspension bridge. Conceived of in 1916 and designed by engineers Joseph Strauss and Charles Ellis, the Golden Gate Bridge was built to cross over San Francisco Bay where it meets the Pacific Ocean.

Ride to the Top of Coit Tower

Built during the Depression era, Coit Tower sits by the San Francisco Bay and offers views of both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. Experience the culture of San Franciscans during the time of the depression via the murals on the walls inside the lobby. Outside the tower and down the Filbert steps, you will find a garden in which to stroll and relax.

Go on a Tour

Unsure of how to get around San Francisco? There are “Go Cars” available just for you. These cars come equipped with programmed GPS for taking you all around the city for a tour of all the joys that are San Francisco.

Experience the Artsy Side of San Francisco

Take in a show at one of San Francisco’s famous theaters, attend a concert at the Fillmore or Symphony Hall, and stroll through 49 Geary Street, where you can experience the imagination and talents of San Francisco’s most talented artists.

Commune with Nature

San Francisco is on the ocean, after all, and the beaches here are havens for weary travelers. Take a walk on the sands of Baker or Ocean Beach in the fall, winter and spring, or go for a dip at the height of summer. You can sit on the beach and enjoy the sound of lapping waves and crying seagulls all year-round.

There is a reason San Francisco is featured in songs. Those who go there experience a deep sense of history and an immersion in modern culture. After days touring the city and nights out on the town, you too may feel you have left your heart in San Francisco.



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