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Las Vegas Vacation for Kids and Adults



When most of us think of Las Vegas, we think of casinos, dancing girls, wedding chapels and nightlife. However, those things are not all there is to Las Vegas. Entertainment venues are not restricted only to adult activities. You do not have to leave your children at home or choose another destination. When you know where to go, you will find that Vegas offers wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

It may surprise you to learn that family vacations in Las Vegas do not have to cost a tremendous amount of money. Even those who are traveling on a limited budget will find a great family deal in Vegas.

Casinos are much more than venues for gambling. Casino owners know their clients also have families, so most casinos do offer activities for children. There are also concerts and casinos containing actual amusement rides. For a reasonable price, your kids can have their own fun while you spend time on slot machines or at the Blackjack table.

Las Vegas is known for big shows and those shows are not limited to scantily clad women, theater or comedy that is unsuitable families. The shows in Vegas include children-specific programs as well as family-friendly magic and medieval-type shows. For example, Excalibur offers the “Tournament of Kings”. There are also animal shows, puppets, circus performances and other great family entertainment!

When planning a vacation, many families are concerned with the cost of eating. Las Vegas helps ease the pain of dining costs with buffets and inexpensive restaurants. Many of these places allow children under certain ages to eat for free. The themed restaurants are particularly wonderful for family fun. Dinner at the Rainforest Café offers more than just good food.

If you do have children and plan to spend time in the casinos, be sure to ask for information regarding rules for children inside the casino. One must be at least twenty-one years of age to enter gambling areas and there may be separate entrances for children’s activities. Some casinos have childcare for hire and the babysitters will make sure your kids are kept entertained while you are busy gambling.

The best way to travel around Las Vegas is via car, whether you bring your own or rent one. It is not recommended that you plan walking tours when you bring children to the city as adult activities do take place on sidewalks. Unless you wish to spend a good deal of time explaining such activities to your kids, it is best to drive or travel by taxi.

For the best rates and the most fun, plan your family vacation to Las Vegas well in advance. While there are plenty of things for families to do in Vegas, knowing where you will be within the city will go a long way towards protecting your children from adult-related activity. Remember that if you ever need to get away for some “grown-up” time, hotels and casinos will accommodate your babysitting needs. There is something for everyone in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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