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What to Do on Your Atlanta Trip



There are many tourist attractions in Atlanta, which is easily the best known city in Georgia, but the most famous tourist attractions in the city are the historic site dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and the World of Coca. Other places that are worth visiting include the Georgia Aquarium, the Botanical Garden, the CNN office, and many others.

The first place where people choose to stop when they travel to Atlanta is the World of Coca. Atlanta was the birthplace of the famous Coca-Cola drink. Towards the end of the 19th century, a local chemist was working on a recipe for easing the nasty effect of a headache and he came up with syrup that held a particular taste. One of his friends had the great idea of mixing the syrup with carbonic acid and glutinous liquid, creating what we know as Coca-Cola. A visit to the factory where drinks are created will teach you about how most popular beverage in the world is created. Some great 4D movies are shown at the museum revealing the secret behind the successful soft drink.

The aquarium in Atlanta is considered to be among the largest in the entire world. There are thousands of fish species here that can be observed by visitors, and other types of entertainment include 3D shows, as well as guided tours. If your kids want to meet Shark, here is the place to go, as the helpful informative staff will provide you with all the information you want.

Atlanta also offers a great array of family entertainment sites. Besides the great aquarium, you can take your family to Six Flags over Georgia or the Stone Mountain Park. You will never run out of places to go and things to do while in Atlanta because there are many fun options within the city limits. Also, you will always find some great accommodation options to choose from whether you choose to travel in style or if you are just looking for a convenient, budget friendly place to stay.

If you enjoy self guided tours, there are many travel agencies across Atlanta that will help you organize your time. Enticing packages include visits to the aquarium, the CNN office, and the Coca Cola factory. A day pass can be much more convenient than having to pay admission for each of these sites.

You can also take your kids with you to the city zoo, but if you are more interested in other historical attractions you can pay a visit to the Fernbank Museum, Jimmy Carter Library, or Margaret Mitchell house.

For a wide array of additional activities, you should visit the Contemporary Art Center or Fulton County Library. There are many parks and historical places in Atlanta you can visit as well as many public libraries if you are a ravenous reader. Because these sites have a firm schedule, you should check out their opening hours ahead of time, so you do not ruin your own visiting schedule.



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