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Things to Do and Enjoy While in Saint Pierre



Things to Do and Enjoy While in Saint Pierre View large version The islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon are not very large but do have a capital city, Saint Pierre.

If compared with Miquelon, Saint Pierre is on the smaller side, but the population is far more numerous here. Although there are only 5,500 inhabitants living here, the place is quite vivid and pleasant.

The island of Saint Pierre is surrounded by smaller islands, but most of them are no longer inhabited.

When you travel to Saint Pierre on vacation, one of the first spots to visit is Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse. This lighthouse serves as a navigational beacon and is used by large and small ships to sail through the waters. The lighthouse cannot be visited, as it is not open for the public, but you can still take a walk there and will have a great vantage point for taking some amazing pictures or simply to enjoy the view. Near the lighthouse, you will be able to see a canon dating from the Crimean War.

Another great place to visit in Saint Pierre is Pointe aux Canons Battery. This is located not far from the lighthouse, and the spot on which it stands now is the land of an older fort used in the past to defend these little islands against the British.

A great sample of the islands’ architecture can be observed by taking a look at the Post Office in Saint Pierre. This was build at the beginning of the 20th century and is tributary to the Alsatian style. The design is quite peculiar as it seems to represent a monk in a praying position. The clock tower from the post office stands tall over the De Gaulle Square.

The biggest cemetery in Saint Pierre is another place to visit. The cemetery was erected on a slope, and many of the monuments built here are expressions of a style quite common in North America. You can visit the cemetery anytime you want as its gates are always open.

Not far from the lighthouse, you will discover Les Salines Fishing Stations. These were erected by the local government and they serve for the fishermen that need a lot of equipment inshore for conducting their normal business. These fisheries are also a great example of how the economic life of the islands is still conducted in the same old style. Fishing here is quite a culture, so make sure to not miss these stations when you are in Saint Pierre.

There are also many museums that you can visit, like the Heritage Museum. This is the newest on the island and features many artifacts dating from the latest centuries. This is privately owned, so you will have to pay a small fee upon entering.

Another museum is the State Museum where you can see the islands’ archives. Exhibits are often housed here from other collections.



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