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Chicago: A Vacation for the Kids

Are you considering a family vacation to Chicago? Whether you get there by train, plane, or automobile, you and your kids can experience a fun vacation in this Lake Michigan city. Along with fine restaurants, museums, and art...

Making Travel Plans for Vancouver

While Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada, Vancouver can easily be pegged as the second one. Still cheaper than most popular Asian and European tourist cities and with a better travel and tourist value then San Franc...

Toronto’s Top Tourist Attractions

Among the most visited cities in the world, Toronto attracts millions of tourists each year. With a perfect mix of modern and historic tourist attractions, Toronto has something to offer every tourist that passes through its ...

San Francisco – Travel Tips

One of the most interesting and beautiful west coast cities, San Francisco is also one of the costliest for the overnight traveler or tourist. The prices for guest rooms are quite high and finding a cheaper option does not al...

Most Popular Places to Visit in San Diego

San Diego offers so many activity options, that you may not know where to start. To help make the choice easier, here are the most popular places one should visit while in San Diego. San Diego is the place to go if you enjoy...

The Best Parks to Visit with Your Family in Orlando, Florida

When thinking about Florida vacation you should always consider Orlando as a potential destination. The best parks can be found in the city, and kids will get excited if you tell them where you are headed for the summer. Here...

New York Trips Made Cheaper

Most people are worried when it comes to taking a simple visit to New York, and terrified when it comes to an extended trip. New York tours are known for their high cost and because of this every year many tourists miss out o...

Montreal During the Night: Where to Go?

Montreal is famous for its nightclubs and any tourist that wants to spend a night on the town should take the chance to dance till morning or enjoy nightly entertainment in one of the many nightlife hotspots of the Canadian c...

Great Cheap Attractions in Los Angeles

Everyone knows Los Angeles, due to its famous locations such as Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, but not everything in the City of Angels costs ‘loads of cash’. Here are some ideas on how to spend little money while visiting so...

Best Times to Take a Trip to Las Vegas

There are many things one should want to consider before taking a trip to Las Vegas. Details about the weather are very important, which is why so many people are interested in finding out what are the best times to visit Las...