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Short Traveler’s Guide to Boston

Boston is a great city to visit on foot and is very open to travelers allowing for plenty of tourists attractions to explore simply by strolling its streets. The weather in Boston is extremely seasonal with rainy springs and ...

Spending Great Weekends in Baltimore

Baltimore is a US city that is known for its impressive baseball park. While this was not always the case, since Baltimore did not always spend money on building baseball stadiums or other impressive constructions, things cha...

What to Do on Your Atlanta Trip

There are many tourist attractions in Atlanta, which is easily the best known city in Georgia, but the most famous tourist attractions in the city are the historic site dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and the World of Coc...

Exploring Audubon Park and City Park in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans has some beautifully landscaped parks that are a delight to visit. They have been built strategically at historical places to add to the magnificence of the surrounding area. Whether you are taking a s...

Getting Discount Hotels in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the popular tourist destinations in America and you will always have an exciting time, no matter when you visit. New Orleans, which lies on the great Mississippi River and the Atlantic ocean, is the most...

Chicago - A Great Family Destination

Would you like to go on a vacation with your family; then Chicago is a great destination for you. Chicago is full of many things that the entire family can enjoy. The city has several amusement parks, zoos, and beaches among ...

Historical Background of Olympic Stadium, Montreal

Montreal built the Olympic Stadium for the Summer Olympics in the year 1976. Later it became the hub for Canadian football and Montreal professional baseball. In the year 2004 the Montreal Expos relocated to Washington DC. Du...

The History of the Boston Citi Performing Arts Center

Unofficially referred to as the “Capital of New England”, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. Boston has an interesting mix of cultural and historical heritage infused in the midst of modern architectural and attractions ...

Origin of Knott’s Berry Farm

Also known as the “City of Angels” Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States. The Spanish Governor in 1781, Felipe de Neve, founded the city. Los Angeles has a glamorous image due to the presence of “Hollywo...

The Mystifying History of the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame

Canada’s 4th largest city, Toronto, offers an interesting mix of various diversities with nearly 50% of its population non-Canadian. The UN has declared Toronto as one of the three most multi-cultural cities in the world. May...