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Niagara Falls: Something for Everyone



Niagara Falls: Something for Everyone View large version Whether you want a solo vacation or a vacation with your family, Niagara Falls is the idle place - it provides educational and fun activities to every person.

If you have kids, then you should consider the various amenities offered by the hotels located there. You will not have to dig deep into your pocket in order to find out ways to keep your kids excited. Many hotels have features such as pools and game rooms to keep your kids busy throughout the day.

Clifton Hill is especially a great place for kids. It has many types of wax museums including the movie-monster and the classic ones. The kids will also love the numerous fun houses such as the spooky Dracula's Castle. The Ripley's museum includes an advanced and breathtaking simulator ride. There are also game arcades among other special places. When energy begins to run low, there are many restaurants where you and your family can re-energize. The kids will never get bored there.

There are different methods that you can use to explore the falls. There are cable-car rides that will swiftly take you inside the gorge. Both the ride and the views are breathtaking! You can also ride in a helicopter to have a panoramic view of the Niagara Falls. There is also a cave through which you can take a walk almost up to the edge of the water! You can take an elevator that takes you 150 feet below before you get into a tunnel that also covers 150 feet and leads to two special outdoor observation points. The points are directly behind the massive falls, giving you the chance to hear the thundering sounds of the falling waters. If you visit this place during winter, you will see some interesting formations that the mist creates as it freezes.

Another special way of exploring the falls is to take a boat ride, where you will not just see the water but also be on it. Since the rides takes you to the fall's base, you will be provided with rain gear to keep off the mist. This is one of the best ways to experience the awe-inspiring nature of the falls 13 stories high.

There is an exhilarating simulator ride along the falls that will give you a great experience. You will feel almost as if you are actually riding in the waters!

Other things that you can enjoy at the Niagara Falls include special gardens where you will find some of the best flowers you have never seen before. There is also an aquarium, a power vista and petting zoos - very interesting indeed!

If you love casinos, then you will have the chance to enjoy your passion; there is a casino with the latest amenities which you would find in any other casinos round the world. The golf lovers are also not left out - there are some four courses just a short distance away.

You will be able to enjoy Niagara Falls both during the day and at night, when it gets illuminated in a special way. You will get an experience of a lifetime - it does not mean that you would not wish to return to your city!



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