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The Best Attractions in Flatt’s Village



The Best Attractions in Flatt’s Village View large version Located on the famous Bermuda Islands, Flatt’s Village is also the home of the most important attraction on these islands, which is the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

This location was used by smugglers as a place to hide, but times have changed, and now Flatt’s Village is an entirely different type of destination. If you want to know a bit about the history of the place, you should know that the neighboring island, called Gibber Island, was also the place where the people accused of witchcraft were executed. This past is long forgotten, and the harbor at Flatt’s Village is now populated with beautiful yachts. If you want to take advantage of some really beautiful views, you need to climb on the bridge guiding travelers to the inlet. From up here, you can see the entire harbor, as well as enjoy the tides that come from afar.

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo is a really wonderful place to visit where you can see plenty of native animals and marine wildlife. It is easy to get here, since there are plenty of buses that stop here on their routes towards St George, running from Hamilton.

The museum and aquarium are opened each day during normal working hours. Be aware that the gates close at four o’clock in the afternoon; after that, admission is no longer allowed. The price you pay for the admission fee also includes great tours.

The tour will take around all the wonders BAMZ has to offer, and a profession diver will teach you about the marine wildlife kept here. Use this tour as a great opportunity to learn more about the animals kept here.

The admission fee is $10bUSD for adults and $5 USD for seniors and children. If your kids are under 5 years of age, they get in free.

Bermuda is known to be the home of about eight thousand species of animals and plants. Only two hundred species of fish, turtles and seals are featured at BAMZ but the North Rock Exhibit is truly a sight to behold. The coral reef is well represented in the enormous exhibit.

The Zoo also has plenty of attractions for children and adults. Here, you will see the lemurs from Madagascar and the tortoises from Galapagos. Some animals are included in the Species Survival Programs because their presence is scarce. Conservation is the main word used by people in Bermuda, and BAMZ is no exception to the rule. Tree kangaroos, Asian otters and lion tamarins are a few of the species that are threatened with extinction and that are well preserved here.

There is a lot of information you can learn at BAMZ. You can see the turtles being fed, or you can learn about how the coral reef was formed. The guides here will tell you how the Bermuda cedar became extinct. You can also learn more on the species of animals and plants that live here.



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