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Taking a Family Trip to Kusadasi



Turkey is thought to be a great destination for families looking for great fun during their holidays. Kusadasi, one of the country’s most touristy destinations, is the perfect spot as it has something for everybody: kids, dads, and moms. Since no one is forgotten you should explore Kusadasi and see what awaits you in this hot tourist destination.

Kids will love spending an entire day at the beach. There is plenty of sand to build sandcastles and the sand is quite ideal for activities. This is one activity that will young ones will love, and if your kids are a little older you should know that there are plenty of water sports available for them to try out on the beach.

You can take your kids on a banana boat ride, a jet ski, or for those with a little bit of sailing skill on a yacht. The resort at Kusadasi offers plenty of other activities and three water parks that are pretty amazing. Adaland is considered to be the largest water park in Europe and the dolphin shows are what set this water park apart from the others. The log flume rides will keep your kids happily entertained, because of the many surprises that wait along the ride. A great addition to the resort is the Sea Park, where you can indulge in some snorkeling with your kids to watch tropical fish living in these waters.

Parents can experience the cultural side of Kusadasi after taking the kids to the water parks and the other attractions inside the resort. The most important sites to visit are Epheseus, Didyma, and Pammukale, all of which can easily be reached by driving away from the resort. A day trip may be necessary in order to visit all three. The adults can take a Jeep Safari adventure as well.

The safari trip will take you to the valleys and the mountains. Don’t be surprised to see other jeeps engaging in water fights. The ride’s final point is the Cave of Zeus where you can cool off after your adventure.

Kusadasi offers plenty of opportunities to relax. Besides the beach where you can stretch, unwind and catch some tan you can try out the Turkish baths. Just let yourself be treated to the expert hands of a tellak, whose main purpose is to exfoliate your skin until they turn you into a new you. A good thorough exfoliation will prepare your skin for your tan, and you will later be thankful for taking the time to visit the baths. Don’t forget family meals, they can be quite amazing in Kusadasi, because of the delicious meze and kebabs being served here.



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