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Ankara, at the Crossroads of Old and New



Ankara is a very important city and although it is the capital of the country, it is not as large as Istanbul. Its importance however is not to be neglected, since Ankara is a very important financial and industrial hub in Turkey.

The city is located on a rocky hillon the shore of Enguri Sea. Here you will find ruins that are remnants of the times when other people inhabited the land such as the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, or the Ottomans. An old citadel still stands on the hill where Ankara is situated. Basically this is the oldest part of the city and the citadel is called Ankara Castle.

The building has seen many centuries pass and its history is rich in events. If you decide to pay a visit to the castle here is some basic information. The castle is formed by the inner section and the outer section and it has no less than seven entrances. You will certainly be enthralled with beautiful architecture as the castle was built with marble and a red variant of Ankara stone. The place is surrounded by lush vegetation which gives the old battle ground a relaxed feeling.

Besides its rich historical past, Ankara does not disappoint as a modern city. While tourists often find their way towards Ankara most people visiting come for business. The most important spot for visiting tourists are the coast of the Black Sea and Cappadocia.

While Istanbul impresses through its extravaganc, Ankara has the opposite effect. The city is smaller and more inviting, which is why visiting the Roman ruins is one of the most attractive activities for tourists. They can be found at Hisparku Caddesi. You can also visit Hisar, the old Byzantine citadel, that tourists often include in their trips around Ankara. The best time of the day to explore the ruins is at sunset where you can experience the exotic atmosphere.

Once you are in Ankara, it would not hurt to pay a visit to the bath or hammans as they are called by locals. Your trip would not be complete without a visit to a Turkish bath where you can steam up in the sauna and then let yourself be scrubbed of old skin by the skillful staff attending to the guests’ needs.

One of the most important places to visit in Ankara is Monumentum Ancyranum, which along with the Roman Baths, and Julian’s Column, show the Roman inheritance in all its glory. You can also visit the most important museums in Ankara, such as the Old Turkish House Museum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilization.

A religious tour should include the most important buildings in Ankara such as the Synagogue, Old French Embassy Chapel, and St Nicholas Church.

Of course one should visit a mosque while in Ankara since these are the most well known religious buildings in Turkey. There are many important mosques in Ankara such as the Aladdin Mosque or Karacabey Mosque.



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