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Amman: A City of Contrasts

Amman is a beautiful city of contrasts. For example, you'll experience both the ancient and the modern in the city; the location of the city is between the fertile Jordan Valley and the barren desert; modern skyscrapers share...

Why You Should Visit Wadi Rum

Located in the southern part of Jordan, Wadi Rum is well-known for its pink sand and high mountains. Although gaining access to the place is not very easy because it is some thirty kilometers away from the highway, this is ac...

Following the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in Wadi Rum

It is hard to tell that Wadi Rum is a human settlement as few people actually live in this desert valley located in southern Jordan. However, the place has a charm due to the legendary figure that once lived here, Lawrence of...

Exploring Ammanís Historical Ruins

Amman is the capital of Jordan and an impressive city because of its historical heritage. Here you will find the perfect blend of old and new as new shopping malls and theaters now stand proudly amidst the old souqs and old c...

Petra Tourist Attractions

Petra, situated behind rugged mountains towards the south of Jordan, remained hidden from the rest of the world for many years. It was Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, who rediscovered the ancient city in 1812. The...

The Ancient City of Petra

The old city of Petra has a long and turbulent history. While it used to be a flourishing city, natural disasters and economical changes let unforgiving time swallow the settlement as it was left by its inhabitants. It took a...