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The Most Interesting Things to See in Jerusalem



Jerusalem is known world wide as the holy city, and because of its historical and religious value is visited by thousands of travelers yearly. Many people come here on a pilgrimage and tourists from every corner of the globe visit this old and interesting place. However, Jerusalem is not only for people looking for a spiritual journey or to visit historical places, as the modern city has plenty to offer. New attractions are now cohabiting with the old city in a special mix addressed to people of all ages.

The city has a lot of attractions that you can visit. Jerusalem is a destination you should not count out and here is a list of reasons why.

When you go sightseeing in Jerusalem, you should visit the Western wall tunnels. While these tunnels opened only a short while ago, the admission fee is very cheap and they are a must see experience.

If you travel with your kids you should take them to see the water tunnel. Children will appreciate the adventure, and you will get to meet many other families that enjoy the same tourist attraction.

You can enjoy a historical walk along the city walls. The Ramparts Walk, as the attraction is called, is famous because the walls have stood the test of time although the construction is extremely old. From place to place the walls are interrupted by gates, each pointing towards an important city of the old Middle East.

While in Jerusalem you need to see Temple Mount, or Mount Moriah as it is also known, which is located in the old part of the city. The old relics can be visited at all times and are one of the landmarks often visited by families.

Situated at Mount Herzl, the Herzl Museum offers a new way to enjoy history. This museum is pretty different from any traditional museum, as it provides an interactive experience. It is dedicated to Theodor Herzl, the man famous for founding modern Zionism. He was the father the Jewish homeland which was born during the second half of the 19th century. The museum offers the possibility to learn more about Theodor Herzlís life and ideas.

Another attraction that will grab your attention is the opportunity to embark on a safari in Jerusalem. Basically you climb into an open vehicle, ideal for such rides, and visit the old city in an eccentric manner. Families and especially kids love this out of the ordinary tour.

A modern attraction are the double decker buses. If you have ever visited London, you may already be familiar with these buses, but it is worth getting on one while in Jerusalem. You can visit the city in a comfortable manner and when the weather is nice, taking in views from the bus is a real pleasure.

When you visit Jerusalem accompanied by your family, the Malha zoo is a great place to spend a day. This particular zoo has a biblical theme, and features species of animals and birds that are found in the Bible.



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