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Best Tourist Activities in Tehran



Teheran or Tehran, as it is also called, is the capital of Iran and home to 14 million inhabitants that make the city one of the most crowded and bustling cities in the Middle East. Its location at the foot of Alborz Mountain makes it a nice place to visit.

There are certain aspects that turn Tehran into suh an appealing tourist destination. As it is located close to the mountains, the air is dry and cool which makes the weather easier to endure than in other places in the Middle East. The city itself is populated by many parks and beautiful gardens exhibiting wonderful blooming flowers. People love taking a stroll down these parks or on the cityís small streets where the bustling heart of the city seems to beat more faintly. The waters that flows down the city gutters make it look like there are hundreds of rivulets all over the city. The Alborz Mountains are the highest in Iran and they symbolize a very important ski destination that attracts visitors from the entire country. The snow that falls during winter is appreciated as the best in the world, which is why so many skiers find their way towards Tehran during winter.

There are many places one can visit in Tehran and one of them is the Treasury of the National Jewels. The exhibits as one may suspect from the title of the establishment are quite amazing, and you will have to pay an entrance fee if you want to admire them in their glory. The most important items on display include the largest uncut ruby in the world, as well as many other extremely expensive pieces of jewelry that have a well established reputation worldwide. Here you can also admire the biggest pink diamond called the Sea of Light and a globe made entirely of gold and thousands of precious stones.

For a historical experience, you should try visiting the national museum where you will be able to view ceramics, carvings, and stone objects that were gathered from the countryís most important archaeological sites. The oldest of these items date back in to the fifth millennium BC.

If you travel to the south part of the city you will find the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini which is one of the mosst important landmarks of Tehran. You donít have to pay anything to gain access to the mausoleum, and right beside it you will find a very interesting shopping center.

If you want to know which building can be seen from any part of the city, you need to know the name Milad Tower. Part of the competition for the tallest tower in the world this tower cannot be missed as it actually oversees the entire city.

A park worth visiting is Jamshidieh Park, located at the foot of the Kolakchal Mountain. The beauty of the parks in Tehran is well known which is why so many people come here to relax and spend an afternoon.



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