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The Traditional Hospitality of Manama



The Traditional Hospitality of Manama View large version Bahrain is a well known tourist destination in the Middle East and the capital city, Manama, is one of the best places to go when in this country. Manama is the biggest city in Bahrain and one that is famous for the traditional hospitality the people living here show to visitors. The city houses many remains of an ancient past, but its modern area is also worth visiting. The capital city is a great blend of new buildings and a traditional lifestyle that will surely take your breath away.

Once in Manama, you will discover that there are many pleasant things to do, such as spending relaxing hours sipping coffee in a modern café, enjoying a palatable meal in a fine restaurant or partying in one of the many clubs and bars in Manama. People that love nature will also have a great time here, as sightseeing around the city includes some pretty amazing places just waiting to be explored by visitors. Here are a few ideas on how to spend your time in Manama.

The Hawar Islands are located in the Gulf of Bahrain and they represent a great place to start your exploration of nature around Manama. One of these islands is home to many bird species, some of which you may not find anywhere else. Here you will spot flamingos, bulbuls, falcons and ospreys. Do not forget to take your camera with you, as you may want to catch some really incredible scenes.

The Gulf of Bahrain is, in itself, a great place for nature lovers. Sailing on the waters of the gulf will allow you to see some playful dolphins that love to dance around the boats, drawing quite an audience. Manatees can also be spotted while searching for food in the waters of the gulf, as well as the Hammour, which is a great delicacies served in the restaurants from Manama. Dolphin watching tours are organized daily.

Even though Manama is an ideal place for exploring nature, there is more to the city. The Pearl Monument, also considered a symbol of the country, is situated in the center of a roundabout. The design of the monument is quite unique and interesting with six show sails holding a great pearl that seems to float over the entire city.

Other interesting spots to visit in Manama are the Barbar Temple, the Al-Fateh Mosque and the Tree of Life.



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