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Live the Passion on Clipperton Island



Live the Passion on Clipperton Island View large version Island is quite a pretentious name for this little atoll situated in the Pacific Ocean, over one thousand miles away from the coast of Mexico. Clipperton Island is also called Ile de la Passion, and is not actually inhabited but mostly visited from time to time by fishermen and tourists.

The name of the atoll was given by a British pirate that used to sail around in these waters. During the 18th century, it is believe that the pirate made this island his personal hideout from where he attacked the ships passing by. Initially ruled by France, it was then taken over by Mexico but, after almost forty years, in 1935, it returned back to France. The French were also the ones to call it Ile de la Passion, or Passion Island, and this alternative name is still in use.

The atoll offers stunning looks, and as you approach Clipperton Island, you will see Clipperton Rock, which is an elevated place made of volcanic material. On this rock are the ruins of an old Mexican lighthouse built here at the beginning of the 20th century. The history of this lighthouse is scary and sad. The last man to attend to the lighthouse was Victoriano Alvarez, who remained the only male on the entire island; the rest of the population being only a few women and children. The story is that he went mad and began to kill and rape until he was killed by a woman.

The island is rich in coconut trees, among which you can still see remains of some buildings erected here during the Second World War. Old munitions can still be found lying around.

The shores look like two shipwrecks are resting on the edge of the atoll.

Among other remains that can easily be spotted on the island, there is a shack belonging to a radar site that was built here by NASA. The radar site was supposed to track a rocket launched from French Guinea but the rocket exploded right after it was launched.

Fishing is among the main activities that you can try while you sail around Clipperton Island. While there is not much to do on the island, you can have a great deal of fun fishing around and hunting after the famous Clipperton Angelfish.

There are not many species of animals or other creatures living on the island, except for a few birds and some orange crabs. Rats are also easy to spot on the island, but they are not native since they were brought here by the fishing ships.

Dolphins can be spotted in these waters, so, if you like diving or snorkeling, you may end up swimming with them.

The waters around the atoll are rich in fish, which is why fishing is so popular here. Tuna fishing, however, is the only one that is done on an industrial scale.



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