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Interesting Spots to Visit in Vilnius



Interesting Spots to Visit in Vilnius View large version Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania, a small country that is inhabited by merely 3.5 million people. The country became independent in 1990 when the Soviet ruling was denounced. During the last years, the country has focused on rebuilding. Its capital has many places of interest that you can visit.

The capital features a museum that you will not find in many other places. It is called the Museum of Genocide or KGB Museum, and it showcases exhibits related to the fifty years of Soviet occupation. Many executions took place during the years of early occupation, and many people were arrested and tortured. This place makes sure their sufferings will not be forgotten.

An interesting place to see in Vilnius is the Television Tower, where you can eat at the restaurant situated there or engage in some bungee jumping. The building is 326 meters in height and has a rotating restaurant, called Pauksciu takas, which means Milky Way. Once you enter the lobby, you will see a museum dedicated to the event in 1991 when the USSR tanks were ordered against the people that were protesting against the Russian occupation. Another occupation that can be done here is bungee jumping, but with a fee and not at all times.

The architecture in Vilnius can be quite a treat for the experienced eye. One of the most important monuments in the city is represented by Saint Peter and Paul’s Basilica. The design is tributary to Baroque. The basilica itself is quite old and it has been rebuilt many times over time; in the beginning, during the 14th century, it was nothing but a wooden structure that later evolved into what you see today.

The travelers coming to Vilnius also visit the Gates of Dawn, which date from the 16th century and were part of the city’s fortifications. Right above this structure you will be able to see a shrine and a chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary. The shrine is as old as the gates and was supposed to drive all evil away from the city. The icon representing Virgin Mary is so large that it can be spotted from the street. People from around here think the icon is capable of doing miracles.

An important building in Vilnius is the Cathedral on Main Square. Inside the cathedral you can see the tomb in which rests St Casimir, the saint that is considered to be the patron of the country and of Poland. The place is also meaningful for the fight for independence the people in this area engaged in. There is a tile inserted in the floor, on which you can see the term ‘stebuklas’, which means ‘miracle’. Starting from this point, a human chain of 2.1 million individuals was formed from Vilnius to Tallinn back in August 1989. This event was the starting flame for the fight for independence from the Soviet ruling. People come here to stand on the tile to make a wish as they hope it will come true.



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