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Historical Sites in Dhaka, Bangladesh



Historical Sites in Dhaka, Bangladesh View large version Traveling to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, can be quite a challenging trip since the city is very crowded and always on the move. Besides the large number of inhabitants, 12 millions so far, you will also encounter a wide variety of colors and fragrances, which make this place one of the liveliest on the entire planet. A certain charm is lent to the city by the presence of the thousands of rickshaws, which are still used as a means of transportation.

The city was established at the beginning of the 17th century and was used as an important residence by a Mughal viceroy. From the early days, Dhaka has evolved into a thriving city, where the economical activity blends perfectly with the political and cultural activity. While the whole country is known for its rich versus poor disparity, you will not see it as clearly in the capital city. However, there are plenty of places in Dhaka where the poverty seems to be prevalent; while in others luxury is flowing from every building.

If you are interested in the most important areas of the city, you should visit Motijheel, where the commercial activity takes place or Sadarghat, where you can watch the ferries, yachts and local dhabas.

The weather in Dhaka is hot and wet from April to August and dry and chilly from October to March. Depending on your own preferences, you can visit the country during the monsoon season or during winter.

The many years of ruling of the Mughals are still noticeable in the city’s architecture. There are many monuments, tombs, mosques and fortifications dating from the time when the area was dominated by the Mughals. Besides the old buildings, you can also visit the building of the Parliament, Ramna Park, the National Poet's Graveyard, Banga-Bhaban, Baldha Garden, Lal Bagh Fort and many other sites. Dhaka is famous for being home to numerous temples of churches of different religions.

Here are a few other interesting sites to see in Dhaka. For example, Ahsan Manjil is a beautiful pink palace where you can learn about how the palace came into being or stroll in the gardens that surround it.

There are plenty of mosques in Dhaka and the most famous are the Chawkbazar Mosque, the Seven Domed Mosque (dating from the 17th century) and Huseni Dalan Mosque. However, there are hundreds of them scattered around so it would be hard to miss them while visiting the city.

Besides mosques, you can also find Hindu temples, churches and Buddhist temples. Among the Hindu temples worth mentioning is the Dhakeshwari Temple which was built during the 11th century. For Christians, the best places to visit are the Armenian Church and Saint Mary's Cathedral, located at Ramna. Buddhist temples are best represented by places like Kamalapur, Gulshan, Atisha Dipankar Sarak and Merul Badda.

In your travels, don’t forget to visit the National Memorial, erected in the memory of those who fought for the country’s independence.



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