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Tripopedia Contributions by Richard L.


Discover Beirut

When you reach Beirut, you will feel its energy and dynamism almost immediately. Beirut was quite a prosperous city from as far back as 5,000 years ago. It is known as the "city that would not die" because it withstood more t...

Top Tourist Attractions in Paris

If you are planning to visit Paris, you will find no shortage of places to visit. Since there are many great destinations, here is a run-down of the top tourist attractions for your consideration: Notre-Dame Cathedral ...

Enjoy Barcelona

When you mention the name Barcelona, many people will automatically think of soccer. However, you will discover that there are very many other things for which this great city is known. The city of Barcelona is captivating, c...

Amsterdam - A Little Great City

While Amsterdam is a relatively small city, it is among the greatest cities of the of the world. The city boasts of humble beginnings, as it was meant to be a fishing village when it was established in the twelfth century. Am...

Aleppo Travel Guide

Aleppo is an old city that has been of significance from the third millennium BC. The city's location, about 350 km to the north of Damascus, gave it a strategic position that made it important from the Amorite and Akkadian k...

Damascus - The Oldest Continuously Inhabited City

Damascus, the capital city of Syria, has a long history and is known as the oldest city in the world that has continuously been inhabited by people. The origin of the name has been controversial. According to some people,...

Main Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is the capital of Antalya Province in Southwestern Turkey. Mountains surround the city, which is located on coastal cliffs in the southern sections of the Anatolia Peninsula. The Antalya gulf borders the Toros Mountai...

Petra Tourist Attractions

Petra, situated behind rugged mountains towards the south of Jordan, remained hidden from the rest of the world for many years. It was Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, who rediscovered the ancient city in 1812. The...

A Brief History of Tel Aviv-Yafo

On April 11, 1909, a number of families gathered on the waterfront outside Yafo to subdivide pieces of land to create a new residential area called Ahuzat Bayit. This is the center that was later renamed as Tel Aviv. In order...

What A Unique Place Jerusalem Holds

Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, has a long and interesting history. It brings together ancient history, a blend of cultures and spiritual sanctity. In Jerusalem, you will experience a city of diversity in many ways. Yo...