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Tripopedia Contributions by Richard L.


The Beauty of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island in the northeastern Caribbean, just about 300 km east of Puerto Rico. It is roughly divided in the ratio 60:40 between France and Netherlands Antilles and thus, it is the smallest sea island that is...

Quepos: Tourist Attractions

Named after the native Quopoe Indians, Quepos is a city in the province of Puntarenas at the coast of Costa Rica and the home to about 14,000 people. Though it is a vivacious city, it still has a tint of its humble and sleepy...

What Makes Atlanta Special?

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, United States of America (USA) had a likely population of about 541,000 people as of 2009. It is also the seat of Fulton County from where the government operates. At present, Atlanta ...

Where to Go in Orlando

Although Orlando city is known for its theme parks, it actually offers more than this. The theme parks are undoubtedly popular, but this come at a price. First, you will have to contend with long lines of people who want to v...

Interesting Sites in Seattle

There are many tourist attractions in Seattle that gives you the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities during your tour of the city. The following is a brief guide on some of the best destinations in Seattle. ...

San Diego Restaurant Guide

When traveling, it’s hard to enjoy the scenery on an empty stomach. While it seems easy to just grab something and go, take the time to sit and relax at one of San Diego’s fabulous restaurants. San Diego has more than fifty c...

Reasons for Visiting Salzburg

There are many places to visit and things to do while visiting Salzburg city. This beautiful Austrian city, which blends the old and new, is situated along the Salzbach River, on the country’s border with Germany. It offers a...

Top Destinations in Sevilla

Located in Southern Spain, Sevilla is the provincial capital of the Regional Government - Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía. The city is on the plain of River Guadalquivir, which passes right through the capital. Sevilla accoun...

Important Milan Sites

There are several great sites that you can visit during your tour of Milan. Located in Northern Italy, Milan is a city that has inspired some of the greatest artists in the world. Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo di Vinci p...

Special Destinations in Oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a vibrant city with a great blend of Nordic charm and European flair. The many attractions within Oslo make it an ideal travel destination, be it for business or pleasure. You will discover a w...