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Tripopedia Contributions by Karla W.


Experience the Wonders of Budapest

Budapest can arguably be claimed as the hub of everything modern in Hungary, but itís roots go far back into history as illustrated by the many museums, churches and other architectural wonders. Referred to as the Pearl of th...

Family Vacation in Vienna

The colorful and musical city o f Vienna is not widely thought of as a destination for excitement and adventure. In truth, if you ask any kid where he or she would like to go on vacation, Vienna is not likely to be on the lis...

Four Days in Amsterdam

When planning a trip to Amsterdam, it is a good idea to have some definitive plans for what you will do while you are there. Here are some ideas for taking in all you can of Amsterdam in just three full days. Amsterdam Bed ...

A Family Tour of Venice

Located in northern Italy, the historic romance of Venice Italy draws thousands of couples every tourist season, but Venice is not only for romance. Venice attractions are not limited to enjoyment by lovers. There are many si...

Six Places to Visit in Prague

Located in central Bohemia, the capital city of Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic. The historical significance of Prague dates back 1100 years. This one-time seat of the Roman Empire is one of the most popular ...

Paris: Vacation Destination for All

When most people think of Paris, they think of romance. It is true that Paris evokes romance, but Paris is also a wonderful destination for families. From hotels to tourist attractions, you will not go wrong in choosing Paris...

Rome Hotels and Attractions

When in Rome, do as the Romans do: enjoy! Known for living life to the fullest, the Italian people know how to show tourists a good time. Rome is popular for historic architecture, art museums and fantastic dining. Rome has s...