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Tripopedia Contributions by Karla W.


Enjoy Your London Vacation

When you book a vacation destination to London, you are setting out for a world of historical ambience coupled with modern, eclectic flavor. London is known for great music, high fashion, and comfortable accommodation. From t...

8 Wonderful Ways to Spend Time in Barcelona

Originally a Roman city, Barcelona is now the capital of Spain and the second largest city in the country. This former home of Pablo Picasso is also home to numerous natural and architectural wonders. If you are thinking of t...

Tucson: An Old West Experience

Fascinated by cowboys, Indians and old time saloons? Tucson attractions offer a western experience with flavor of the old and the modern. Guided tours, horse ranches, off-road trails and dramatized gun fights are just a few ...

Tucson’s Oldest Historic Landmarks

If you are planning a vacation to Tucson, chances are you have heard of Old Tucson Studios, great golf courses and the Casinos. All of these are good reasons for visiting “the old pueblo”, but while there, be sure not to miss...

Toronto Attractions for Families

The capital of Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in all of Canada. Sitting on the northwest edge of Lake Ontario, Toronto has much to offer all visitors. Families enjoy vacationing in Toronto because of all there is to see...

Experience a Berlin Vacation

Though the history o f Berlin is tainted with war and oppression, modern Berlin is a far cry from the Berlin we hear about in our history books. Aside from the historical and cultural museums, luxury accommodations, world-cla...

Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco had its humble beginnings as a fort and mission established by the Spanish in 1776. The mission was named after Saint Francis of Assissi, which is where San Francisco gets its name. Much of San Francisco was des...

Las Vegas Vacation for Kids and Adults

When most of us think of Las Vegas, we think of casinos, dancing girls, wedding chapels and nightlife. However, those things are not all there is to Las Vegas. Entertainment venues are not restricted only to adult activities....

Six New York City Must-Sees in a Bundle

New York, New York truly is a wonderful town. Sprawling for miles and miles, this early colonial settlement has come a long way from its small beginnings as New Amsterdam. A blend of cultures, art, fashion, business, and conv...

Chicago: A Vacation for the Kids

Are you considering a family vacation to Chicago? Whether you get there by train, plane, or automobile, you and your kids can experience a fun vacation in this Lake Michigan city. Along with fine restaurants, museums, and art...