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Following the Traces of Traditional Africa in Bata



Bata used to be a traditional African town until recently, when money obtained from the oil industry started pouring into the city. This is a good thing, since electricity, street lighting, roads and sanitized waterfronts are among the advantages brought by the American people that come here to work in the oil industry. New buildings are appearing every day and, nowadays, the city of Bata is starting to look more and more like a Westerner city rather than an old African town, but you can still see traces of the old continent on some of its streets.

Markets in Bata still seem to be tributary to the old continent, since here you will find the local vendors selling the same used clothes, the traditional African costumes, lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and products made of plastic. Here is the best place to be if you want to explore the traditional way of living.

Since the population is not very big, Bata is not a crowded city and, during the day, you may feel like you are wandering through an empty town; however, this changes at night. New night clubs and discos open their doors and you can party until the wee hours. Remember that discos here open late.

In order to get all your documents in orders, you will have to go to the Minister of Tourism and pay for all formalities. The total fee is $50USD, but is necessary; otherwise, you may get into trouble.

The beaches in Bata are very popular, and on Sundays they are the most crowded. Sunday is the day that the expats working here can enjoy a relaxing day off.

If you want to visit places around the town, you can use the local airport for flying to Malabo. These flights are organized daily and one ticket costs $95 USD. The tickets for Malabo can be acquired at the airport or from the office of the airline company located not far from the radio station.

In order to get around the town, you can take a shared taxi that can take you around Mercado Grande. Destinations that you can reach by taxi include Rio Campo, Ebebeyin, Ngolo, Monte Alen and many others. If you want to reach a certain destination, you will need to ask the driver for additional directions. The fares are very cheap.

Among the places you may like to visit, you will find the Maritime Walkway to be a great place for a stroll.

The most important spot in the city is the Clock Square, where you can admire the local architecture.



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